September 29, 2023

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Find out how to rent FGTS birthday loot with the Caixa Tem app

Did you know that Christmas withdrawals can be expected through the app square his? Since its launch, this app has been a helping hand for Brazilians.

Today, it already has several functions that facilitate procedures with Caixa Econômica Federal, preventing customers from going to the bank to pay vouchers, transfers to other accounts, purchases using the QR Code, Pix, among other services.

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In addition, this application greatly helps the beneficiaries of government programs. With this practical application in mind, learn below how to anticipate FGTS birthday pull With the Caixa app, this is exactly one of the functions of the app.

FGTS birthday pull

With this type of withdrawal, you can withdraw a portion of your FGTS balance annually in the month of your birthday. But to receive this money, the worker must choose the method in the FGTS application.

In addition to the FGTS balance percentage, the worker can also withdraw an additional premium as shown below:

Balance Range Limits (in Brazilian Reals) aliquot Additional Installment (Brazilian Reals)
up to 500 50.0%
From 500.01 to 1,000 40.0% 50
From 1,000.01 to 5,000 30.0% 150
From 5,000.01 to 10,000 20.0% 650
From 10,000.01 to 15,000.00 15.0% 1150
15,000.01 to 20,000 10,0% 1.900
Above 5.0% 2.900

When the worker chooses to withdraw the birthday, it will be necessary for him to inform the day and month of the birthday so that he can receive the payment.

Today, there are two possibilities to withdraw the FGTS. are they:

  • withdrawal withdrawal – It is the current system that is used when an employee is dismissed without a just cause. In this method, the worker has the right to withdraw the entire FGTS account, including the termination fine;
  • Christmas withdrawal – Allow the worker to withdraw part of the balance from the FGTS account, on an annual basis, in the month of his birthday. And if you are fired without a valid reason, you can still withdraw the amount related to the termination fine.
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Check the difference between them:

Christmas withdrawal withdrawal withdrawal
You are entitled to a portion of the balance You are entitled to the full amount of the balance
You can take it out annually Only when finished
output fine finish output fine finish

The worker can also request a reversal of the withdrawal method at any time if he changes his mind.

Anticipating FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal

This option works to anticipate a birthday FGTS withdrawal like a Caixa loan at low interest. Check terms:

  • interest rate of 1.49% per month;
  • The minimum loan amount is R$500;
  • The credit history of the last paid withdrawal cannot exceed the limit of 999 days, starting from the contracting of the loan;
  • The amount of each withdrawal paid must be equal to or greater than BRL 300.

requirements: The worker must be over 18 years old or be emancipated; You must have a current (001) or savings account (013) with CAIXA (excluding Digital Social Savings and CAIXA Fácil Savings); You must choose the FGTS Anniversary Saque and authorize CAIXA to consult your FGTS information; You must have sufficient FGTS credit to anticipate, within the minimum amounts for employment; You must have your CPF in good standing with Federal Revenue; Be committed to CAIXA or use credit resources to settle debts.

Learn about the main advantages of making progress in the FGTS birthday draw

  • The worker has instant access to funds, without waiting for the anniversary cash disbursement date;
  • low interest rate;
  • You can make up to 3 (three) annual installments of the Saque Aniversário FGTS;
  • There is no monthly payment. In this way the worker is not bound by his monthly budget to pay the premiums;
  • The debt is repaid with the value of your FGTS Anniversary Sack, on the method’s planned annual installment date;
  • No credit analysis needed.
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How do you employ anticipation with the Caixa Tem app?

Through the Caixa Team app:

  • Access to the application using CPF and password;
  • Click on the “Borrowing Anniversary” option, the application will present a simulation according to the scale of the day;
  • Then simply click on Hold to continue to finish or simulate change to hold new values;
  • After the simulation, read and agree to the terms and conditions of the operation;
  • Enter your CAIXA Tem password to terminate the contract and that’s it!

When the amount is blocked by the FGTS, the contract will be confirmed and the contracted amount will be credited to the customer’s account on the next business day.