July 20, 2024

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The dev reveals that he’s playing in a familiar style

The dev reveals that he’s playing in a familiar style

God of War Ragnarok It’s still without the exclusive gameplay status or even the update from Sony Santa Monica Studios, however, there are lucky people out there who are enjoying the game before time. One developer revealed that he owned the game, and ended up letting a family member enjoy it beforehand.

Robin “Voorhees” Morales, the lead artist on the project, shared an interesting post on Twitter. Next to Someone having fun at the 2018 title, he hinted that a version of the sequel had already been tried, however, for “obvious reasons”, this was not shown in the video:

You love to play the new game. But since I can’t explain it to you, I’ll show her playing her last. She loves watching trailers so I told her we were going to play today.

For “obvious reasons,” netizens appeared in the comments and understood that as part of God of War, it seems that Ragnarok is playable, and the game will be at an advanced stage of development. The action is still slated to debut in 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

God of War Ragnarök will have an axe destruction mechanic

Another Santa Monica developer commented on more aspects of God of War Ragnarök on social media. According to Beau Anthony Jimenez, a mechanic is being developed to destroy the axe. See more details!

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