June 12, 2024

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Apple releases the first beta of the new iOS 15.5

Apple releases the first beta of the new iOS 15.5

Apple has released the first beta version of iOS 15.5, which is an operating system update that integrates the brand’s devices, such as the iPhone. Unlike the latest update (version 15.4), the recent iOS tweaks don’t seem to bring much news to users. However, there are small differences that have already been discovered and revealed. Want to learn more about the new iOS? Then check the information below.

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It is worth noting that there are some features that have been upgraded, such as Apple Pay Cash and iTunes Pass. Now, the latest beta update for the new iOS brings the news to the Home app. In addition, there is also an alert about external purchases related to applications.

The new iOS: What’s new for the iPhone?

Apparently, Apple decided to relax the rules for making external payments in App Store applications. Previously, the company had set itself against the position of flexibility, but decided to meet the demand of users.

Since the end of March, Apple has allowed some apps to add external links regarding payments. Currently, the new iOS allows this feature for some reading-only apps, such as Spotfy, Netflix, and others of this type.

However, the tech company left out a very clear warning so the user knows that it is not responsible for the damages. That is, it claims to have no control over payments made outside of Apple Pay Cash. Thus, the user decides to risk at his own free will.

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Wi-Fi strength will be shown in new iOS

Another new iOS app is the Home app, which has two minor additions. The information was released by the iDownload Blog website. Now, the operating system allows the user to check the strength of the Wi-Fi related to the speakers. This helps anyone who likes to use HomePods.

Another site, 9to5Mac, notes that the second modification is in Important Alerts. These are the messages that Airplane mode can’t ignore, for example. Starting with the new iOS, iPhone users will choose whether or not to receive these alert messages.