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The survey specifies that the minimum wage should be R$6535.40

The survey specifies that the minimum wage should be R$6535.40

Check the data from the survey by Dieese.

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According to a survey conducted by the Inter-Confederation Department of Statistics and Social and Economic Studies (Dieese), the minimum wage in Brazil should be 6535.40 BRL. Currently, the amount paid to Brazilian workers is R$1,212.00.

The amount, which Dieese refers to as ideal, is nearly 5 times higher than the current minimum wage. To arrive at the value above R$6,000, basic expenses such as food, education, health and housing were taken into account.

The department has been conducting the survey on a monthly basis, since 1994. At the beginning of the year, it could have been indicated that the ideal minimum wage would be R$5,997.14. In April, the value reached R$6754.33, the highest level recorded so far.

The cheapest basic food basket equals 49% of the minimum wage

Among the items searched for in the survey is the price of the basic food basket, which is very high. Deiss calculated the points for the minimum amount to support a family of four in May of this year.

According to the department, the most expensive basket of staples can be found in Aracaju (SE) for R$548.38. Therefore, the amount corresponds to about 49% of the current minimum wage, which is obligated only for the purchase of essential items.

In São Paulo, the amount required for the basic purchase of the month is even more intimidating: R$803.99. In Florianopolis, the amount is R$788, followed by Porto Alegre, where R$780.86 is required, and in Rio de Janeiro, R$768.42.

Diminishing purchasing power: Inflation depreciates the value of the riyal and makes a R$100 note worth only R$13.

In July 1994, when the minimum wage was R$64.79, with only R$100 billed, payment was made per person and there is still change left. Today, the banknote is worth only 13.43 Brazilian reais, an amount that in many Brazilian regions it is not possible to purchase two basic items from the basic basket.

Basically, in July 1994, a $100 bill was needed just to pay the employee’s salaries. Currently, 12 R$100 ballot cards and another R$12 are required to close the account.

Financial mathematician José Dutra Vieira Sobrinho, who performed an exclusive calculation of a column of R7, can indicate that inflation from July 1, 1994 to May 1 this year was 644.55%.

For consumers who want to buy the same amount of services and goods that they could buy with R$100 in 1994, it is necessary to pay R$744.55.

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Photo: Lais Monteiro / Shutterstock.com