May 22, 2024

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Trigg promotes fair offer for debt renegotiation: time is running out

Trigg promotes fair offer for debt renegotiation: time is running out

Do not miss the opportunity to pay off your debts. Find out how Trigg negotiates discounted debt

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Debt credit cards They are, in most cases, the most expensive on the market, with interest rates reaching 300% per annum. Despite the very high interest rates, many people still have debts of this type.

In this way, the file financial technology Trigg will promote a market for debt renegotiation. The event will take place approximately until July 30 and will include targeted communications for clients to renegotiate their debts.

Debt Negotiation at Trigg

For the company’s president, Wellington Alves, Trigg knows what’s happening in Brazil and in the world and is following research that points to a loss of income for the Brazilian population. In addition, for fintech, renegotiation is the best way to pay off debt without compromising the budget.

Thus, with viable terms, lower premiums, longer repayment terms and lower interest rates, a large part of the population can be able to negotiate their debts.

Agreements offered by Trigg

Check out the main agreements offered by fintech:

  • Debt installments at discounted rates of up to 1.99% per month;
  • Pay a reduced down payment and up to 48 installments of the remaining debt;
  • Pay only the maximum amount that the customer has on the card without interest or fees;
  • Paying a specified amount to pay off the debt directly and immediately.

How to get out of debt

First, Trigg is just one of the companies doing debt renegotiation fairs. Other actions of this kind are promoted by Banks and credit companies such as Serasa Experian and Boa Vista SCPC.

In March 2022, Consumer Month, the National Debt Negotiation and Fiscal Guidance Task Force convened. The member banks of Virapan (Brazilian Confederation of Banks) and the Central Bank advised consumers to renegotiate their debt.

In addition to exhibitions aimed at renegotiating debt, there are financial companies that specialize in this topic. QueroQuitar, for example, is one of these niche companies and has partners like:

There’s also the Pagou Fácil platform, which has a free tool that helps Brazilians renegotiate their debt. In addition, the platform has partnerships with more than two thousand companies, among which we mention Bradesco And Casas Bahia.

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