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Income Tax: Revenue Pay Refund Payment - 06/30/2022 - Market

Income Tax: Revenue Pay Refund Payment – 06/30/2022 – Market

Internal Revenue Service deposits, this Thursday (30), R$6.3 billion for the 4.3 billion taxpayers who entered the second installment of the 2022 income tax refund. This payment will be made through 1% correction based on Selic (Primary Interest Rate).

The money falls into the account notified by the taxpayer when declaring the IR. It is also possible for Pix to receive it, if you choose this option. If, for some reason, the balance is not provided, then the funds will be available for up to one year at Banco do Brasil, but it is necessary to request them.

Citizen will need to reschedule credit on the site Or by phone, call the BB Relationship Center at 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800-7290088 (a special phone exclusively for the hearing impaired).

The taxpayer who submitted the return until March 18 receives this payment. Citizens who have priority to receive will also be paid. Of the total, R$2.7 billion goes to legal priority taxpayers, with 87,401 elderly people over 80 years old, 675,495 between 60 and 79 years old, 48,913 taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 661,831 taxpayers. Their main source of income be the teacher.

There were also 2,776,808 non-priority items delivered by March 18. Legal priority citizens who corrected pending cases and left thin mesh You also receive in this payment.

See how the consultation is conducted:

To see if you will receive it, it is necessary to make an inquiry at revenue siteon my income tax return. It is necessary to inform the CPF number, date of birth and the required data on the screen. For this simpler query, the system does not report the refund amount.

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It is possible to check the status of your statement through e-CAC, the Federal Revenue Service’s virtual service center. The consultation provides information about the total amount to be paid, credit and correction bank, among others.

  1. Access to the portal e-CAC and go to “Login with”
  2. On the next page, enter your CPF number and click Continue
  3. Then enter the password and go to “Login”
  4. In “Premium Services” go to “My Income Tax (Dirpf Statement)”

What you can see at E-CAC:

In the excerpt, the taxpayer can also consult:

  • Ad status, including whether there is processing pending, indicating a fine network
  • If the refund has already been forwarded for payment i.e. when you enter a refund payment, you will be able to see the updated amount, credit history and institution where the amount will be deposited
  • If the taxpayer has debts, it is possible to consult with them and authorize ex officio clearing using the redemption credit
  • If the tax to be recovered is used for automatic clearing, you can refer to the executed compensation statement

Revenue reports that it also enables a tablet and cell phone app in which it is possible to refer directly to the refund issuance, as well as the registration status for CPF registration, for example.

See the refunds payment calendar for 2022

Package payday
the first already paid
Second paid this thursday (30)
Third July 29
the fourth August 31
Fifth September 30

What will the correction of the 5 IR lots look like

Subsequent income tax payments will also be corrected by Selic, as determined by the legislation, but the percentages have not yet been communicated. In total, five batches of he goes every year. Interest increases paid to those who announced in the past few days.

The The interest rate was raised to 13.25% annually on June 15, following a decision by Coboom (Monetary Policy Committee) of the Central Bank. The university indicated that the interest rate increase will extend until the next meeting, in August, when it expects a new hike, which could be 0.5 percentage point or 0.25 percentage point.