May 26, 2024

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Tullio plays 007 and disarms Christian by proving the crime · TV News

Tullio plays 007 and disarms Christian by proving the crime · TV News

thulium Daniel Dantas will play the role of the spy and he will find out Christian Kawa Raymond assumes the identity of his brother in place in the sun. The executive will find evidence by examining images from cameras in the building where Renato Long live Kawa Raymond. In addition, he will follow the data on the death of the wealthy twin in the IML (Institute of Legal Medicine) in the soap opera at 9 am on Globo.

After collecting information about the husband barbaric (Alinne Moraes) In Goiânia, a businessman will enter the final stage of his investigation with his rival. In the Thursday class (9)will be pursued larra (Andréia Horta), who will tell her she was engaged to Christian and will reveal the brothers’ meeting on the night of her alleged ex-husband’s death.

Husband Rebecca Andrea Beltrau will be intrigued and decide to go with him Ruth (Pathy DeJesus) to the building where her brother-in-law used to live. There, he and his lover will get photos showing Renato next to his twin brother – who was still without tattoos at the time.

After that, the couple will go to the IML to check the supposed death record of their best friend ravi (Juan Paiva). The businessman will say, “The body was admitted at 2:48 a.m., anyway… That’s proof that he died before. Before that photo, do you understand?”

“Yes, because if He was already dead at 2:48 am, It would be impossible for him to enter the building at 4:20 AM. Oh my God. And there’s more. Described here in the report, check it out: Renato’s tattoo. “You know what that means, right?” asks Ruth.

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Tattoos will deliver a farce

Tollio concluded his speech by saying: “Renato died in his brother’s place.” “And this man here, married to Barbara, this is yours Santiago [José de Abreu] Much wonder… This guy is a fake, a fraud. “He has replaced Renato,” said the engineer.

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