May 25, 2024

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Twitter Tests Feature That Alerts Users Before Potential Nonsense |  Technique

Twitter Tests Feature That Alerts Users Before Potential Nonsense | Technique

NS Twitter It announced on Wednesday (6) that it is testing a feature that displays alerts to users before engaging in potential battles on the platform.

According to the social network, Tests are conducted on Android and iOS apps.. In messages, the social network highlights the values ​​that it considers important to maintain a good atmosphere among users.

In tweets that can spark discussions, The platform notes that “conversations like this can be intense.”. For users trying to reply to the post, the service will display a window with the following topics:

  1. Different viewpoints have value: Discovering new perspectives can strengthen your perspective.
  2. The facts are important: Fact checking helps everyone;
  3. Remember the person: Communicating with respect makes Twitter better;

According to Twitter, warnings are provided if the discussion the user intends to participate in could become intense.

“This is a work in progress as we learn how to best support a healthy conversation,” Twitter said.

In addition to alerts, the social network is testing a feature that automatically blocks the profiles of users who have been offended. Connection Safe Mode takes into account the language used in replies to Tweets, for example.

If the Twitter AI understands that the profile is insulting or sending repeated tweets to someone, the account will be banned from interacting with that user for seven days.

According to Twitter, Safe Mode is being tested for a “small group of people” who use the app for iPhones, Android phones, or the web version on their PCs. Initially, the experiment will be conducted with accounts that use English as their language.