October 4, 2023

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Two banks start charging more interest on personal loans

Two banks start charging more interest on personal loans

Check out the two institutions that have increased interest on personal loans!

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According to a survey conducted by Procon-SP, interest paid by a person in loan Employees become more expensive in two Banks This is June. Therefore, the average interest for loan Individuals at 120.59% per year.

With higher interest rates, this type of credit line credit It became 0.74% more expensive per month. The average rate of surveyed financial institutions was 6.82% per month, an increase of 0.05 percentage points compared to the median rate in May (6.77%).

Banks that started charging more interest on personal loans

Increases occurred in Bradescowhich changed the interest from 8.43% to 8.55% per month, and in Bank of Brazilwhich adjusted its rate from 6.17% to 6.32% per month.

The Procon-SP study also determined the fees paid in the overdraft and it was not possible to indicate any changes in the six institutions surveyed. In this way, the rate remains 7.96% per month, with no change in value since February 2021. Annual rate is 150.56%.

The institution with the lowest personal loan rates are Federal Savings BankAt a rate of 4.05% per month. Bradesco stands out at 8.55% per month.

Additionally, for overdrafts, Banco do Brasil charges the lowest fee, around 7.73%. All other banks surveyed by Procon-SP charge 8% per month.

Personal Loans and Overdrafts: Charged Rates

Check out the full table of banks, personal loan rates and overdrafts.

Bank Personal Loan (Monthly) Overdraft (monthly)
Bank of Brazil 6.32% 7.73%
Bradesco 8.55% 8%
Federal Savings Bank 4.05% 8%
Itaú Unibanco 8.18% 8%
crop 5.90% 8%
Santander 7.89% 8%
Source: Procon-SP

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Photo: Monster Ztudio / Shutterstock.com