July 25, 2024

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Vehicle 0 km at 30% MEI discount;  See how it works

Vehicle 0 km at 30% MEI discount; See how it works

Become an individual entrepreneurMEI) guarantees not only the receipt of Social Security benefits, but also when buying a car. What happens is that thanks ICMS Exemption Through direct selling, business owners in this way can buy a 0 km car at 30% off.

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Up front, it is important to note that although the reduction is not limited to commercial vehicles only, the tax reduction is not fixed. Varies depending on the manufacturer and model selected as well as the amount cars that will be obtained.

Disadvantages of buying a car in the name of MEI

One of the negative points in buying a car being a MEI is the delivery time of the car. The specified period can be up to two months.

Which can not be very useful for those who urgently need a car. In addition, the rules that include a warranty and a mileage limit, for example, are also different.

Another drawback to having a vehicle with a CNPJ is that the MEI needs to keep it in their possession for at least 12 months (one year) before deciding to put it up for sale.

How to buy a car being MEI?

Everyone who intends to acquire a car within 0 km of the MEI needs to present, at the time of purchase, personal documents that guarantee the status of an entrepreneur. One is the Individual Small Entrepreneur Certification, along with the CNPJ Card. Discounts start around 2.5% and can go up to 30%.