June 16, 2024

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Two years after Gogo's death, the presenter's children announced that they are organ donors

Two years after Gogo’s death, the presenter’s children announced that they are organ donors

Gogo Liberato & Sons (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

John August LiberationAnd Marina NS Sophia, children Jojo Liberato, who died two years ago, declared himself an organ donor this Sunday (21). In a video posted on the social networking site, the heirs of the presenter spoke about the solidarity action.

“Dear guguliberato left us on November 21, 2019 leaving an important legacy. In addition to helping so many people alive, after his passing he saved 50 lives through organ donation, which was authorized by his family,” a statement from the three began.

“That is why, on this very important, though nostalgic date, we would like to remind you of the importance of organ donation. With the pandemic, organ donations have fallen dramatically. But we encourage families to agree to donate when the time is right. With our experience, we can Relieve the family’s pain with this act of love and bring joy to many people.”

“We want to remember that a single person who donates can help many people waiting in line. One person can prevent many families from suffering the loss of loved ones. One person can save dozens of lives. The text concluded that Gogo saved a life #50 from During his organ donation, and today, two years after his death, we invite you to be a part of this great stream of goodness.

Watch the video:

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