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Vladimir Prishta talks about his acting in a TV series with his daughter: 'Colossal Joy' - 12/19/2021

Vladimir Prishta talks about his acting in a TV series with his daughter: ‘Colossal Joy’ – 12/19/2021

Vladimir Prishta was complimenting his daughter, Agnes Pritcha, 24 years old, during her participation in “Altas Horus”. The actor talked about acting with the young woman who made it For the first time in acting alongside his father in the series “The more life, the better.”.

“It’s a joy. When I heard my daughter was going to present the series, because they invited her to audition, and all of a sudden she’s there, it’s a huge joy!” Brechta said. “Very nice to see how I started the series, with so little experience, and to see when it ends. As it progresses over time, I’m so proud!” , accomplishment.

Adriana Estevez’s husband said that the chips of working with his daughter “fall every day”, but that with the series on the air “it’s gradually going down.”

“She’s very committed to her work. And that’s what I can ask of her. Talent is her talent, and people will judge. But what I can say is that a commitment to the craft is beautiful,” the passionate father praised.

When professional doubts arose, Brechta assumed he often asked Agnes to speak directly to her mother. “Sometimes she comes to ask me things. [Eu digo] You don’t want to ask your mother, do you? She knows better than me.”

The actor benefited from Thierry’s participation in the program To declare himself a fan and sing an excerpt from one of the artist’s songs.

I came here daring to sing the first ‘Karakudo’. Music I heard from Thierry. What I do is ridiculous because it is more like an intimate version,” Vladimir Prishta joked, picking up the guitar and making an acoustic version of the song.

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