May 24, 2024

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Warner Bros.  TV is talking about Ruby Rose's accusations

Warner Bros. TV is talking about Ruby Rose’s accusations

This morning, a fan Batuman They were surprised by the long condemnation he gave ruby roseWho lived the heroine in the first season of the series. right Now Warner Bros. TV Comment on the issue.

ruby rose Producers, actors, and The CW have been accused of being abusive and not providing the necessary support to the cast. Among her claims, she said she did not quit (as was said after her departure), as she tells us about severe injuries who suffered, revealing that she was forced back to work without being fully healed.

The actress also talks about many serious accidents that occurred on the set of filming, which resulted in third-degree burns, People with hemiplegia and sensational deaths – as well as the misbehavior of co-stars such as Dougray Scott, who, according to her, hurt weak and was abusing women.

According to Rose, the studio did not provide any kind of support to the victims of these situations, as she is one of the few people who have spoken out about these inhumane conditions. She even claims to have plenty of evidence to support her accusations.

Now, an announcement Warner Bros. TVPosted by final dateShe doesn’t talk about any of Rose’s points, not even about the serious incidents the actress mentioned. All that has been said is that Rose has been fired From the series after several complaints about his behavior. The statement says:

Despite the historical review that Ruby Rose shares online for access to producers, cast, crew, channel and studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television has decided not to exercise its option to keep Ruby for the second season of Batwoman, [decisão] Based on various complaints about their behavior in the workplace, which were particularly broadly evaluated on behalf of respecting all parties involved.”

Warner Bros. Television Statement on Ruby Rose’s Cartoons

After she left Ruby Rose at the end of season one, Wallis day back as Kate King To finish the character’s arc in season two. Currently, the turn Batuman live by Gavesia LeslieThe actress who embodies the new character Ryan Wilder. The third season of the series is already being broadcast in the United States.

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