September 24, 2023

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Watch the 5 Biggest Highs and Lows for Monday - Al Mal Times

Watch the 5 Biggest Highs and Lows for Monday – Al Mal Times

Only 4 stocks closed in the blue on Monday (Image: REUTERS/Amanda Perubelli)

the Ibovespa (IBOV) closed down 2.2% at 104.8K points on Monday (20). The contraction came amid nervousness in global markets over new restrictive measures in Europe over the Ômicron variant.

In the exchange market, the dollar was also exposed to pollution, and it jumped 1.06% to 5.745 riyals for sale, the highest level since March 30 (5.7588 riyals).

As a positive highlight on Ibovespa, the Minerva (BEEF3) rose 1.31%, influenced by the resumption of exports to China. At the other end, leaves Card Verification Code (CVC) (CVCB3) by 8.03% amid market turmoil over the Micron variable.

Watch today’s highs and lows:

Business ribbon disparity
Minerva BEEF3 1.31%
iniva ENEV3 0.86%
Braskem BRKM5 0.31%
Other actions withdrawn Other actions withdrawn —–
peterio PRIO3 −6.31%
alberbar UGPA3 −6.45%
The central nervous system CSNA3 −6.64%
Lookup LWSA3 −7.06%
Card Verification Code (CVC) CVCB3 −8.03%


The data released in this news is preliminary and subject to changes in the post-market period b 3 (B3SA3) which closes at 6:30 pm. To read the final data, wait for a file Latest news from Ibovespa.

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