December 6, 2023

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What to Expect for the Stock Exchange in Brazil This Wednesday By

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By Anna Beatriz Bartolo – After closing on Tuesday (17) at 1.07%, it opened flat and rose 0.15% near 9:30 AM on Wednesday (18), while down 0.20% at R$5.2844.

In the US, prices are down 0.06%, 0.29% and 0.16%. The main Brazilian ETFs traded abroad fell 0.53% in the US pre-market.

This Tuesday, Brazil recorded 1,106 new deaths as a result COVID-19And the Ministry of Health reported, which brings the total number of victims of the fatal disease in the country to 570,598 cases, and according to the folder, 37,613 new cases of coronavirus were also recorded, as the total number of infections in the country rose to 20,416,183 cases. .

The House of Representatives has again postponed a vote on income tax reform. The text continues to divide parliamentarians and has received criticism from state and municipal governments, who claim the measure will reduce revenue and undermine the provision of local services.

In exchange for support, the project’s Rapporteur, Representative Celso Sabino, and Speaker of the House, Arthur Lira, struck an agreement with the National Federation of Municipalities (CNM) to increase federal transfers to the Participation Fund by 1.37%. municipalities (FPM), which means an additional R$ 6.5 billion annually. The states are also trying to secure an increase in the State Participation Fund (FPE) to avoid a loss of R$11.7 billion.

Still on the political scene, the negative assessment of Jair Bolsonaro’s government has reached 54% of those interviewed in the XP/Ipespe poll. The study also shows that the incumbent president will lose the 2022 election in the second round against former President Lula, with 51% to Labor and 32% to Bolsonaro.

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The city of São Paulo has announced that 100% of the adult population has already taken the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The progress of vaccination is essential for economic recovery, as it allows the resumption of activity with the flexibility of the isolation measures adopted to combat the epidemic.

Today’s agenda

Bolsonaro – Handover Ceremony of Unit B of Residencial Cidadão Manauara II in Manaus; Ceremony marking the centenary of the Conference of Ministers and Churches of God in Bara.

Paulo Geddes – Virtual meeting with IPEA President, Carlos von Dollinger; Meeting with CEO of JBS Worldwide (SA :), Gilberto Tomazoni; meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Freitas; Meeting with the mayor of Salvador Bruno Reyes. Meeting with the President of BNDES, Gustavo Montezano

today’s news

Banco Central Americano releases the minutes of its last meeting at 3:00 pm Brasilia time.

waiver – The Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio de Freitas, confirmed that the concession contract for the Transnordestina railway should be amended to exclude the extension from Custódia (PE) to Suape (PE), which could be the subject of another partnership with the private sector. Maintenance of the railway section will be carried out to the port of Bessem in Ceará.

The Nova Dotra franchise – ANTT has agreed to post the concession notice for the new Dutra Highway concession, BR-116, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The extension is currently managed by CCR Group (SA :), but the contract expires in early 2022.

supermarket – The supermarket sector in the state of São Paulo created 7,680 jobs between January and June, accounting for 35.68% of commercial vacancies in the period. Compared to the same period in 2020, there was a 5.04% increase in the job balance in the sector.

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Energy Auction – Today (18) the Ministry of Mines and Energy released the guidelines for the Capacity Reserve Auction to be held on December 21 this year, which is aimed at contracting electric power and associated energy to supply the interconnected system in Brazil.

Funcafe – The National Monetary Council (CMN) has approved the release of 1.32 billion reais in resources from the Fund for the Defense of the Coffee Economy (Funcafé) for producers affected by the recent frost in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Economy.

Corporate News

Budgets 2Q21 – B3’s (SA 🙂 non-financial companies posted a profit growth of 1,026%, compared to the same period in 2020, to R$74 billion, in an account that does not include giants Vale (SA 🙂 and Petrobras (SA). :).

Louisa Magazine (SA 🙂 – Magazine Luiza has launched three mini-machines for merchants and an account for legal entities, as well as offering incremental fee discounts to retailers in an effort to expand their market.

Petrobras – Petrobras’ strategic plan for 2022-2026 will consider taking action attentively not only with decarbonization, but also with the environment, according to Petrobras’ president, General Joaquim Silva e Luna.

BRF (SA 🙂 – BRF said the Saudi Health Authority (SFDA) has halted a procedure to reduce the shelf life of fresh, frozen chicken and its cutting from one to three months after the date of slaughter.

Sky (SA:) – Cielo informed CVM that there are no negotiations to cancel the payment method company. The clarification came after an article in the Valor Econômico newspaper stated that sources close to the company would discuss the situation. Cielo’s parent companies, Banco do Brasil (SA 🙂 and Bradesco (SA :), have also denied that they are considering changing the company’s equity stake.

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BR Distribuidora (SA 🙂 – BR Distribuidora has signed a contract to sell R$18.88 million of its entire 49% stake in Brasil Carbonos to Unimetal Indústria, Comércio e Empreendimentos. With this agreement, Unimetal now owns all the shares in the community, specializing in industrial processes that add value to the so-called “Green Coke”.