June 23, 2024

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WhatsApp features that promise to give you a ``new look''

WhatsApp features that promise to give you a “new look”

WhatsApp has invested in developing many different features that promote better interaction between people.

Some of the changes are minor and users may quickly get used to them, such as the ability to automatically mute a contact when a conversation is archived. However, it appears that the new apps tend to be more drastic, even changing the look of the platform.

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The preview of the solutions created excited the audience who could not wait to try out the ideas of Mark Zuckerberg, the current owner of the application. While there have been many mods, not all of them will be made official in the same week, but most of them are in the testing phase. Updates show that in a few years many improvements will be considered.

Check out what will change on WhatsApp by the end of next year

Possibility to create opinion polls: Asking questions with quick alternatives in a table showing the results in percentage facilitates decision-making in groups, as well as representing the opinion of members in an organized way.

Connect the same account on a device: The functionality is similar to WhatsApp Web, but with Android or iOS devices in mind, between mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Make the status available in the contact list: When you open the list of contacts, the green icon appears in alphabetical order all the numbers saved with the name and a piece of the last message. In the upcoming update, WhatsApp intends to clarify the status with this information and image.

Reply to conversations with emojis: On Instagram and Facebook by clicking on the message box, an emoji can be used to interact by expressing some emotion. Perhaps this feature will change a lot of private or group conversations.

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