May 28, 2024

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When does the FGTS review appear with an average value of R$10,000?

When does the FGTS review appear with an average value of R$10,000?

Workers across the country are anxiously awaiting the start of the process that will allow the review of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Service Time) to begin. This decision was supposed to be made by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in May this year, but it ended up postponing the ruling with no new date set.

FGTS pay is corrected based on TR (Reference rate) that has been described since 1999. Many Brazilians want to replace the TR with another indicator that is in line with inflation.

The FGTS audit can award a worker an average of R$10,000 for those who worked on an official contract between 1999 and today.

FGTS Review Review Value

This new account could generate, on average, R$10,000 for workers. For help, you can use the LOIT FGTS website that gradually makes the calculations for everyone who is interested in how much they will get from a guarantee fund review.

In order to make the calculation, you will need to access the website and then you will have to get the data in the Caixa FGTS application.

In fact, the calculator takes into account all payments of workers and removes from them the monetary correction that must be applied (change TR for a new monetary index more useful to the worker), one of these indexes could be the IPCA (National Index of Broad Consumer Pricing).

What is the payment date for an FGTS audit?

There is still no exact date for these payments to be made, as there is still a new rule that needs to be approved by the courts.

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But you can guarantee payment for the review by submitting an application to the Federal Special Court. It will allow you to guarantee your right to rectification before the decision is made by the STF.

It is noteworthy that even those who have already withdrawn part or all of the balance of the accounts of the escrow fund are entitled to a monetary correction of the FGTS audit. In this case, the periods during which the funds were held at Caixa Econômica Federal are taken into account.