April 24, 2024

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"Where's the fame?"  · the news

“Where’s the fame?” · the news

Reveal the record of 13 participants from log island 2which first appeared in July after the end of Brazil Power Couple 6. with Mariana Rios ShowThe second edition of the show features eight people who have already participated in reality shows such as A Fazenda, De Férias Com o Ex, Big Brother Brazil and Portugal. The “recycling” of the actors has become a joke on social media because most of the detainees are not known to the public.

“Where’s the fame?” , Kawa Koelu shot on Twitter. “What a cast, huh? (in a bad way),” the profile of Reality Show na Veia commented. “Oh my gosh, what level are we at, record? Most of them aren’t even sub-celebs,” laughed the netizen identified as Vini.

The announcer repeated the first season dose and took advantage of it Previous pawns for A Fazenda such as Solange Gomes and Caíque Aguiar, former BBB Aline Dahlen and former older brother Portugal Jaciara Dias. Also on the previous list are On Vacation With Ex Vitória Bellato, Ste Viegas, and Nakagima.

a the news I expected that Aguiar and ex-Globo Rafael Sander in pre-trial detention At the beginning of the month to participate in the reality show. Filming began on the 12th, and the scheduled premiere date is July 19th. Gravity will be broadcast with the modified episodes, but the final will be live.

Check out the Ilha Record 2 participants below:

  • Jaciara Dias: Former Big Brother Portugal
  • Pilate’s victory: The ex is on vacation with the ex
  • Bruno Sutter: Singer, comedian and judge Canta Comigo
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  • Wendy Tavares: Model and previous panic
  • Solange Gomez: Previous Banheira do Gugu and finalist of A Fazenda 13
  • St. Vegas: The ex is on vacation with the ex
  • Raphael Sander: Actor in Secret Truths (2015) and Genesis (2021)
  • Cayo Viana: Singer known for hitting Formosa
  • Allen Dahlin: Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur & Former BBB
  • Cake Pereira: Actor of the soap opera Chiquititas (2013)
  • Nakajima: surfer and former on vacation with ex
  • cake change: Former Farmer and Actor A Praça É Nossa
  • Fabio Braz: ex-football player

Check out the video presentation and feedback below: