June 6, 2023

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Which franchise makes more money?

Which franchise makes more money?

in discount (discounts Interesting choices to make in Brazil, since many of them have very interesting investments and returns. One advantage is building a business model that has already been tested and actually works. If you want to start a chocolate entrepreneurship, you may ask yourself: The Cacau Show or the Brasil Cacau? Understand which of the two produces more.

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Initial investment in Cacau Show and Brasil Cacau franchises

The initial investment to open the Cacau Show store is about 300,000 Rls, while the competitor asks for a value of up to 230,000 Rls. In terms of monthly income, there are also differences:

  • Cocoa offer: R$18,750 per month;
  • Cocoa Brazil: 11,250 Brazilian riyals.

Thus, the Cacau Show has an average return of 6.25% on the money invested, while the Brasil Cacau has an average return of 4.89%. The percentages indicate the monthly earnings for each of the chocolate franchises.

It is necessary to emphasize that the initial investment can be much smaller in both brands. This means that profitability is also variable. Therefore, it is best to speak to the representatives of the franchisees to make the best decision.

Benefits of investing in a franchise

Whether it is in the Brasil Cacau or the Cacau Show, the franchise market has some very interesting advantages for investors. Check out some of them:

  • Low initial risk
  • A business plan has already been compiled;
  • Eliminates planning bureaucracy.
  • You don’t have to worry about communication;
  • Franchisor support to get started;
  • perspective of profit deadlines;
  • Low chances of failure.
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Finally, remember that you need working capital and understand that realizing a real return on investment takes time. Planning is essential for franchising to achieve essential success.