September 22, 2023

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Petrobras launches a website with information on fuel prices

Petrobras launches a website with information on fuel prices

The Petrobras Launch a website With details on the composition of the values ​​of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas. The platform shows in the scenario a cumulative increase of 33.24% in fuel prices In the last 12 months.

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“Why does Petrobras exercise market prices? How is the price of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas formed? Is there a risk of a shortage in Brazil? Today, Brazilians ask these and other questions about fuel prices. For us, transparency is key, that’s why we created this website to answer your questions”, displays the state-owned company on the homepage of Institutional Portal.

According to the company, the page will contain information about the amounts charged at its refineries and the average final price composition for consumers. The state-owned company says it is the issue that has recently intrigued customers.

“In the past six months, this has been the most accessed information on the company’s website. Petrobraswith nearly 1.5 million views,” he says.

In November 2021, the company implemented an advertising campaign explaining how prices are shaped to the end consumer. The material was broadcast on TV.

In addition to the information already mentioned, the user will also be able to refer to the average fuel values ​​​​in Brazil and the states on the new platform. Other data that will be available is the history of prices exercised by distributors.