September 25, 2023

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Who left Power Couple 2022?  Learn about the news of the killing of Diana and Rodrigo · TV news

Who left Power Couple 2022? Learn about the news of the killing of Diana and Rodrigo · TV news

Diana Araujo and Rodrigo Milla eliminated from Brazil Power Couple 6 This Thursday (12). The two were considered plants on Record’s reality show, precisely because of their lack of attractiveness, they only garnered 22.28% of popular approval in their first DR of the season.

DJ and hairstylist Adryana Ribeiro, Albert Bressan (49.08%), Andreia Andrade and Nahim (28.64%) faced the danger zone. They left the program after taking last place in the Prova dos Casais standings.

Since his debut on the Record screen a week ago, Mila Diya, as is known, has not provided entertainment to the audience. The husband, who likes to make the funny line, even tried to make a joke by answering a question posed by Adriane Galisteu in the discord game, but received a reprimand from the presenter.

“Let me just talk to Mila. We know you’re a very nice guy, but these jokes aren’t appropriate at a time of activity like this. I’m only telling you because the prize is high.” [um carro]And when the prize is so much worth it, at least to those who watch and adore reality like me, we like to take it seriously,” the Power Couple Brasil 6 captain fired.

After the dynamics ended, the DJ felt bad for his lack of respect for the game proposed by the presenter, and Pe Lanza took the opportunity to advise his colleague: “Don’t take it personally, you’re a great guy. Match.” Diana’s husband analyzed “It’s good that everyone is alerted.”

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