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Windows 11: a new face of Microsoft's operating system |  Analysis / review

Windows 11: a new face of Microsoft’s operating system | Analysis / review

in early October, Microsoft launched Windows 11 in Brazil, the new version of the computer operating system. It stands out for introducing visual changes and new features to users.

But is its experience better than its predecessor, Windows 10? What can the platform bring news to users? TudoCelular borrowed a new XPS 9310 from Microsoft and Dell to test the system and let you know the details.

central design

One of the most notable new features of Windows 11 is its more centralized design. In both the taskbar and the Start menu, they have now moved from the left corner to the center.

You can still go back to the traditional settings in Settings, but the proposed design now looks much more functional. Mainly, because the Start Menu no longer has Live Tiles and has started offering a cleaner organization.

At the top are installed apps for faster access without having to adjust sizes – helping you find what you need with ease. At the bottom are the last open programs, which can simplify your life so that you do not go out in search of the urgent.

To access the All Programs menu, there is a button above this first group. The menu also has a search bar, so it’s easy to find the app you want to launch.

Widgets and notification bar

Instead of Live Tiles, Microsoft preferred betting tools. It can be accessed from the dedicated taskbar button and displays cards on the left side with information that may interest you.

The options are customizable. You can place cards with news, weather, game scores and more alternatives. The only problem here is that if you decide to click on any widget, it will necessarily open in Microsoft Edge, regardless of your default browser.

On the other hand, the notification bar can be moved in the right corner or when you click on the date/time, without the dedicated button on the side. However, options to turn on Bluetooth, adjust brightness, or turn on Airplane mode have been integrated along with the Wi-Fi and sound icons, as well as being accessible in Settings, which now provide a more intuitive look. However, it seems that the Windows 10 template was more practical than the new one.

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Microsoft Teams

Another new feature here is greater integration with Microsoft Teams. The Redmond giant appears to be well committed to promoting its video conferencing platform by making it more like a regular messenger – like WhatsApp or Telegram.

The new Teams is more reminiscent of MSN Messenger of the past, in that it embeds your Microsoft email and suggests discovering your contacts and starting a conversation with them via chat, without the video scheme that became popular last year.

Microsoft Store and Software

Windows 11 still features a revamped Microsoft Store. The Store lost that sticker look and introduced better organization into categories — apps, games, and movies, for example — with access even to web apps.

Gradually, the American multinational has encouraged its users to download software through its official store, instead of downloading browser-operated installations. The result is an expansion of the applications available there, but there is still a long way to go before it becomes a users favour.

gaming platform

One of the categories we mentioned above is games. Microsoft aims to integrate console and PC games with a number of features. One of them is the Xbox app, which now comes bundled with Game Pass and you can even play cloud games through xCloud.

The app has already offered these features since Windows 10, but we feel much smoother to play on 11, even when it’s not running from the cloud, but downloading from your computer’s storage.

Experience and productivity

And how does Windows 11 behave at work? Here are some of the new tools aimed at increasing user productivity. One of them is the call Capture the layout, a function available when you move the mouse arrow to the maximize window button.

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It makes it possible to distribute three or even four open windows on the screen at once and of different sizes. This is especially useful for anyone using multiple tabs simultaneously. In the case of ultra-high-resolution monitors, the arrangement in three vertical windows may be more interesting to you.

Also, the Task View button places more value on the ability to create additional desktops, not just open windows. It makes it easy to switch between them, according to your preference.

Since this site tested it on the best Dell XPS 9310, the device’s touchscreen also gave an idea of ​​how to use Windows 11 through touch. Contact. Link. This is an experiment for some, but the system is easier to use this way.

Accessing side menus while scrolling across the screen and smoothly dragging windows to arrange on the screen makes touch a good mouse alternative in Windows 11.

What do you expect for the future?

Although quite a few features have already shown a steady evolution from Windows 10 to Windows 11, there are still some functions that are expected in the platform of the future.

One of them is to implement a tab system for a file explorer. Thus, opening folders will have a similar experience to running multiple websites in the same browser, with only one window open in the taskbar.

Another news expected, but still in the testing phase, is the presence of support for Android apps, in partnership with Amazon. This is probably the only way users can get a taste of installing software through the Store on their PC, even without going through the Microsoft Store – which can be availed “on schedule” as a result.

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Since Microsoft will only update its new operating system with one major update per year, the trend is that there will be fewer issues for a new version, compared to the semi-annual examples of Windows 10 – the company will now have a full year to work on Only one change.

Windows 11: Microsoft releases updates

November 08

has arrived!  Windows 11 gets Android apps supported on Channel Dev

November 05

However, it is necessary to pay attention to other errors that may occur due to incompatibility with components or various reasons, especially at this first moment. Some flaws have already been discovered in Integrated applications, employment Installing the printer, employment No start menu running Excessive consumption of RAM.

For the company, the success of Windows 11 will include fixing problems already found as quickly as possible and making the new system as “rounded” as possible, encouraging the public to stick with it without fear.

Is it worth updating?

Windows 11 is undoubtedly a good upgrade over its predecessor, but the question remains: is it worth upgrading now? I would say preferring the original 11 seems like a better deal for those looking to buy a new PC – whether it’s a desktop or laptop – than migrating from 10 now.

The update is not as simple as it seems and requires a series of compatibility to make the installation more secure. More so because the expected “slices” of the platform are not yet in place.

However, Windows 11 deserves users’ attention to make the change in time. The experience tends to improve in almost every way, from entertainment through apps and games to productivity for work use.

What are your impressions of the new Windows 11? Have you updated your computer to the latest version of the Microsoft operating system? Share with us!