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2021 International Emmy: Meet the winners |  TV and series

2021 International Emmy: Meet the winners | TV and series

The UK was the grand winner of the 2021 International Emmys with three awards in 11 categories, on Monday (22).

Country winners in the acting categories were actress Hayley Squires (“Adult Material”) and actor David Tennant (“Des”), and in unscripted entertainment, with the British version of “The Masked Singer.”

Brazil had five productions nominated in this edition.

“mother’s love” She competed between TV series, but the Chinese “Song of Glory” won.

“a confined diary” It competed in the Best Miniseries category, but the winner was “Inside” from New Zealand.

‘Cercados’, ‘Mother’s Love’, ‘Diary of a Nidden One’ and ‘All the Women of the World’ have been nominated for an International Emmy – Photo: Divulgação/Globo

Among the documentaries that he had “surrounded” Among the contestants who won was the Thai movie “Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice”.

“Emicide: AmarElo – Everything for Yesterday” It was nominated in the Technical Programming category, but the French “Kubrick by Kubrick” won.

“All the women in the world” Compete in movies and TV series. In the category, the Norwegian winner was “Crossing the Atlantic”.

The ceremony is being held in New York and was attended by, among the presenters, Luciano Hack and Angelica and journalist Felipe Santana.

  • Technical programming: Kubrick by Kubrick (France)
  • an actress: Hayley Squires – “Adult Material” (UK)
  • short string: “Inside” (New Zealand)
  • Prime Time in the US in a foreign language: 21º Latino Grammy
  • documentary: “Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice” (Tailândia)
  • Unwritten entertainment: The Masked Singer (Reino Unido)
  • Movies and TV series: Atlantic Crossing (Norway)
  • the actor: David Tennant – “Dis” (UK)
  • a novel: Glory Song (China)
  • comedy: “Call my agent” (France)
  • drama: Tehran (Israel)
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“Cercados,” the original Globoplay film produced by Globo Press, competed for Best Documentary Feature.

Directed by Kayo Kavishini Shows the challenges of news coverage of the epidemic. Caviccini and Ilian Scardovili sign the script. Watch the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for the documentary “Cercados”

Indeed, “Amor de Mãe” by Manuela Dias and run Jose Luis Villamarem, in the telenovela category.

The scene shows a meeting between Lourdes and her son Domenico in the movie Amor de Mãe – Photo: João Cotta / Globo

products Globoplay “Diário de um Confinado” and “All Women in the World” appeared in the Miniseries and Movies for Television or Miniseries categories, respectively.

confined diaryCreated by actor Bruno Matzio and director Joanna Gabas (“Segunda Call”).

Globo has been nominated in three entertainment categories and one documentary at an International Emmy Award

Globo has been nominated in three entertainment categories and one documentary at an International Emmy Award

The series is produced by Globo Studios for Globoplay, TV Globo, and Multishow and created during the pandemic.

Matzio, Rosanna Firão, Leonardo Lana and Veronica Debom sign the script, and Joanna is the artistic director.

in a “All the women of the world“, Emilio Dantas and Sophie Charlotte pay tribute to director Domingos Oliveira, with a screenplay by Jorge Furtado and Janina Fischer. Artistic direction is Patricia Pedrosa.

This year, there were 44 nominees from 24 different countries, a record number in the award’s history.

Sophie Charlotte and Emilio Dantas in a scene from All the women in the world – Photo: João Miguel Júnior / Globo

Another Brazilian production nominated was a Netflix documentary.AmarElo: Everything for yesterday”, to rapper Emeseda, for the show “AmarElo” at Teatro Municipal de São Paulo that competed in the Artistic Programming category.

Watch the international Emmy nominees on Globoplay: