June 2, 2023

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CPF negative?  Find out now how to clean

CPF negative? Find out now how to clean

Prohibition of buying in installments or even buying loans Refusal of the card are some of the consequences that a negative CPF number can bring to a citizen. This is because there is a file CPF Denial It’s the same incorrect name.

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Negative CPF is associated with some kind of irresponsible action, that is, when the citizen fails to pay the bill on time, for example, such as rent, electricity or any other type.

According to Serasa, there are more than 60 million Brazilians with dirty names, and most of them are young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who have failed to pay a certain bill.

When can a name get dirty?

As already mentioned, in the case of religion, the name of the citizen tends to filth. However, these debts can be of different origins, ranging from arrears on family bills to arrears on bills in stores and businesses.

Thus, when the company does not receive payments from the customer, it informs one or more bodies responsible for credit protection, that is, this registration is not done automatically. These entities, in turn, will be responsible for contacting the consumer to warn him of including his name in the debtors list, or in the credit protection list, if he does not pay his debts.

If this happens, the customer’s name will appear in bodies such as Serasa, SPC Brasil and Boa Vista, and can be consulted by any company that wants to verify a person’s financial and banking data.

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Consequences of having a negative name

Everyone understands how bad it is to have a dirty name. However, no one really understands how this can negatively affect several aspects, such as:

  • Difficulty obtaining a loan.
  • Funding problems
  • Problems opening a checking account or getting a credit card.

How to clear the dirty name?

To remove your name from the credit list and, therefore, not to hide your name anymore, it is necessary to contact The company in which the debt was made And try to negotiate the payment.

If the amount is too high and the person pays in installments, as soon as the first installment is paid, the company must contact the agency to remove the name from the credit list within 5 days. However, if there are problems with paying others, the name should be returned to the list.

For those unable to pay their debts, the only solution will be to wait, and after five years, the name will be automatically removed from the default list. However, the account does not cease to exist and the company can turn to the court by charging a fee.