June 21, 2024

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C&A (CEAB3) stock closed 7.7% higher after partnership with Bradesco ended;  Analysts see a path to growth

After trading lower, Maxi Renda (MXRF11) is up and up more than 3%; Ifix also works on the positive

The investor begins the last trading session of the month focusing on the new financial market expectations of inflation as measured by the Broad Consumer Price Index (HICP) As for the basic interest rate of the national economy, Selic. Also shown on Radar is the performance of Maxi Renda (MXRF11) after questioning the Securities and Exchange Commission about the distribution of the fund’s profits.

Highlighting the news in recent days, Maxi Randa opened today’s session in a negative territory and is down around 3%. Subsequently, the fund’s shares recovered and began posting strong increases. At 1:18 pm, the note was trading at R$9.40, up 3.30%. The portfolio last week recorded a cumulative loss of 9.5%.

The performance of the past few days has been affected by the recent understanding by CVM that the real estate fund cannot pay more dividends than the accumulated earnings of the portfolio. The analysis was based on Maxi Renda’s financial statements, between 2014 and 2020, the period in which the fund even made an accounting loss, however, continued to pay dividends.

I s Focus Bulletin, from the Central Bank, released on Monday (31), indicates that the financial market raised the IPCA forecast in 2022 from 5.15% to 5.38%. Despite the deterioration in terms of inflation, the outlook for Selic at the end of the year was maintained at 11.75% annually (see more information throughout the year). Central de FIIs).

the IFIX – The index that collects the most traded real estate funds in the stock exchange – is rising. At 1:18 pm, the index rose by 0.14% to 2773 points. Check out today’s highlights.

Monday’s Biggest Highs (31):

ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
MXRF11 Maxi income hybrid 3,30
HGCR11 CSHG Real Estate Receivable Nicknames and Val. mob. 1,84
PVBI11 VBI Prime خصائص Features corporate panels 1,58
PLCR11 Collecting real estate receivables hybrid 1,33
Mall 11 Brazil moles formula shopping centers 1,32
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The biggest victims of this Monday (31):

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ribbon Noun section Variance (%)
MGFF11 Magani Nicknames and Val. mob. -2,19
BCFF11 BTG Pactual Fund of Money Nicknames and Val. mob. -1,86
RBRL11 RBR . record logistics -1.4
XPIN11 Industrial XP Aharon -1,38
BPFF11 Absolute plural form in Brazil Nicknames and Val. mob. -1,29

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Riza Arctium Real Estate Company (ARCT11) concludes the purchase of a property worth 68 million Brazilian riyals in Goiás

On Friday (28) the Riza Arctium Real Estate Fund signed a general purchase contract and confirmed the acquisition of a property of 124 thousand square meters in Goiania (GO).

The area is divided into a main area of ​​about 93 thousand square meters, and another complementary area of ​​​​31 thousand square meters.

In October 2021, the portfolio signed a commitment to purchase the space with Aspam Participações and Goiazem Armazéns. At that time, the fund paid R$46 million for the main area and the remaining amount, R$22 million, will be deposited after a space audit and other purchase process steps.

The property is currently leased to Aspam, which pays monthly R$345,000 for the main area and R$180,000 for the additional space, for a total of R$525,000.

According to the Riza Arctium, the title deed in Goiás provides a purchase option for the tenant, which can be exercised throughout the lease term.

Today’s earnings

check the real estate funds Who distribute income on Monday (31):

ribbon background performance
FLRP11 Shop Floripa 8.52 Brazilian Real
BTRA11 agricultural land 0.97 Brazilian Real
EDGA11 Gallery 0.09 Brazilian Real
NVHO11 new horizon 0.02 Brazilian Real
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Source: InfoMoney

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Real estate turnover: the market raises inflation expectations. The Galapagos FII announces an amortization reminiscent of a “share buyback”

Financial markets show their forecasts for inflation in 2022 and 2023, says Focus

After a fresh upward surprise in the IPCA-15 in January (0.58%), the calculated average for the IPCA – the country’s official inflation indicator – jumped in 2022 per Focus Report, further increasing the distance from this year’s target ceiling (5%). The estimate progressed from 5.15% to 5.38%. A month ago the forecast was 5.03%.

Similarly, the forecast for the IPCA in 2023 rose again, from 3.40% to 3.50%, moving away from the center of the target (3.25%, range from 1.75% to 4.75%). The median was 3.41% four weeks ago.

Despite the deterioration of the domestic inflationary scenario and the external environment, financial market economists maintained their projection of the base interest rate for the Brazilian economy Selic at 11.75% at the end of 2022. A month ago it was 11.50%. But looking at just 94 responses in the past five business days, the forecast for Selic at the end of this year has increased from 11.75% to 11.88%.

After raising Selic by 1.50 percentage points, from 7.75% to 9.25% annually, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom), in its December statement, indicated another increase of the same size at this week’s meeting, which will take the rate. to 10.75%.

FII for the Galapagos Islands (GCFF11) announces an amortization similar to a “share buyback plan”

Galapagos Fund (GCFF11) on Friday (28) a kind of “share repurchase program”, currently circulating at a discount of about 16%. The plan encouraged the market and the fund’s shares closed the session 3.28% higher.

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Since its inception in June 2020, Galapagos FoF has accumulated a value of 10.5%, taking into account variance of equity per share through December 2021 and dividend income until then. in this period , IFIX – The index that collects the most traded real estate funds on the stock exchange – achieved a performance of 2.72%.

Compared to 23 similar chests, Galapagos FoF It was he who distributed the most profits last year, points to a related fact published by the portfolio on Friday (28).

Despite the performance, on January 26, the fund’s market value was 16.8% lower than the book value observed on December 31, 2021.

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The document states: “If the manager sells the entire portfolio, the fund will have a capital of R$91.37 per share, which is 20.2% higher than the January 26 market capitalization.” In the Friday (28) session, Galapagos shares were trading at R$78.40, up 3.28%.

Think of the opportunity The Fund decided to conduct a partial amortization of equity over the next six monthsWith respect to the organization of the portfolio.

“Investors will be able to reinvest the funds received through depreciation into the purchase of the same Galapagos FoF shares, which will have a similar effect on the share buybacks,” he compares to the bottom line revealed last Friday. “This initiative is similar to the share buyback process, which is frequently used by publicly owned companies during periods of heightened capital market pessimism,” the document details.