December 8, 2023

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Will the second phase of counseling of amounts due now return in July?

Will the second phase of counseling of amounts due now return in July?

Although it was scheduled to start on May 2, the launch of the second phase of the advisory on forgotten money in banks has not been set, according to Central Bank disclosure (BC). What happened is that the server strike ended with a delay in the implementation of the new tool that would provide access to consulting.

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People have not been able to access the values ​​since then.

In its justification, the Central Bank stated that the date for reopening consultations should be disclosed soon, as well as all the information on the matter, but at the moment they continue to work to provide some improvements.

In addition, the foundation also revealed that there were about R$8 billion in forgotten values, but chose to provide nearly R$4 billion in the first phase.

What are the amounts owed?

Although this topic gets talked about a lot, there will always be people who still don’t know what resources are used for these “entitlements”. If you are one of them, do not worry, we have compiled a list that will allow you to better understand where this money is coming from.

  • Closed checking or savings accounts that have an available balance;
  • incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, provided that the return is provided within the commitment period signed by the bank with the BC;
  • equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions;
  • resource no wanted Related to closed consortium groups.
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The first stage of receivables

The first phase, which ended on April 16, enabled more than 2.85 million individuals and companies Request Recovery of values, which amounted to R$ 245.8 million.

Regarding individuals, just over 2 million of them requested that the transfer be made via PIX while about 330,000 people preferred to receive the amount directly into the bank account linked to some institutions.

In the case of legal entities, 5,000 people asked to make the transfer through PIX, while 1,000 people received the payments when contacting the institution.

The second stage of receivables

Regarding this second phase, which was scheduled to start on May 2, what is known is that since April 17, the system is going through a phase paraphrasing. For this reason, there is still no date for the issuance of the consultation, but some information about it has already been published:

  • There will be no further need to make an appointment. It will be possible to request a resource refund at the time of the first consultation;
  • The system will have new information passed By financial institutions, that is, even those who have already made a refund and had nothing to receive at the first stage, they must review the system again, since the data will be updated. This means that there may be new features.