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BC releases details of the "forgotten" cash withdrawal;  Check it out |  Economie

BC releases details of the “forgotten” cash withdrawal; Check it out | Economie

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The Central Bank should launch the portal next Monday (7)

The Central Bank (BC) this Wednesday (2) released a step-by-step guide for Brazilians and companies to withdraw “forgotten” money in banks. Those who forgot the money will be able to access the resources from next Monday, March 7, but according to a schedule set by the central bank.

So far, more than 114 million people have accessed the BC website to see if they are entitled to appeal. Of this total, 25.9 million Brazilians have money to receive it and 88 million have not forgotten the money. In addition, 2.7 million companies have also entered the system, of which 253,000 have receivables.

In the first phase of the SVR (Systems Receivables), advisory valued at R$4 billion was released. Consultation and refunds are done exclusively through the website

launched by the Central Bank.

How will the amount be withdrawn?

The Red Cross Committee also announced, as of next Monday, citizens will be able to view their balances and request refunds on the date specified for them in the receivables system at the Central Bank. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the website valorareceber.bcb.gov.br. The first access to the BC website lets you know if there is money being received, but does not show the amount that will be returned.

When the inquiry is made, the customer of the bank receives a date and period for consulting the balance and requesting a refund. The page will inform a date to consult the trustee and request a withdrawal – write down this date. If citizens still do not know the date and period of withdrawal, they should visit the site and check this information immediately, without waiting for March 7.

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Step 2

Log in with your Gov.br account (Silver or Gold level) in a system maintained by the Ministry of Economy. If a citizen does not have an account at this level yet, he/she must immediately register or raise the level (if his/her account is bronze) on the Gov.br website or application. The citizen should not leave this movement until the day of the rescue.

Step 3

Read and agree to the disclaimer

Step 4


  • the amount to be received;
  • the institution that must return the amount;
  • the origin (type) of the amount owed; And the
  • Additional information, when required.

Step 5

Click on the option indicated by the system:

“Order here” means that the organization offers a refund via Pix within 12 business days:

  • select one of the Pix keys and enter personal data;
  • Keep the protocol number, if you need to contact the institution.

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“Order via an organization” means that the organization does not offer a refund via Pix within up to 12 business days: call the phone or email provided to arrange with the organization how to return the refund.

On the information screen of the amounts due, the citizen must refer to the institution’s service channels by clicking on its name.

BC will release inquiries for a new batch in May

Those who do not find receivables at this stage may have resources in the later stages.

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On May 2, consultations will open to a new phase. To this second step refers to the message that appears for many customers who access the system (see image below).

BC estimates the total amount that will be returned to customers in 2022 at R$8 billion.

Understand the stages of return

In the first phase of the service, approximately R$4 billion of values ​​will be returned to physical and legal entities. The values ​​come from:

  • Current or closed savings accounts with an available balance;
  • incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, provided that the return is provided within the commitment period that the bank signs with the Central Bank;
  • equity shares and the allocation of net surpluses to beneficiaries and participants in credit unions; And the
  • Unsolicited calls related to closed consortium groups.

The remainder will be made available from May and throughout this year 2022, as a result of:

  • incorrectly charged fees, installments or obligations related to credit operations, stipulated or not provided for in the term of the obligation with the BC;
  • Closed and prepaid postpaid accounts with available balance;
  • Registration accounts maintained by brokers and securities dealers are closed with an available balance; And the
  • Other cases involving amounts to be returned are recognized by the institutions.

Forgotten amounts in banks related to the first stage will be returned as of March 7. For other values, dates have not yet been reported.