June 21, 2024

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Biden urges US companies to demand COVID-19 vaccinations |  Globalism

Biden urges US companies to demand COVID-19 vaccinations | Globalism

President United StateAnd Joe Biden, this Thursday (7) said that more companies in the country should force their employees to receive Covid-19 Vaccineand classify the measure as vital to ending the pandemic and sustaining the economy.

“I urge more employers to act,” Biden said. “My message is: Require your employees to be vaccinated,” he added.

“With vaccinations, we will defeat this epidemic. Without them, we could face endless months of chaos in hospitals, economic losses and anxiety in schools.”

The US had a quick start in implementing vaccines in the first half, but between May and August, the pace has been stagnant—particularly in states where people still don’t want to be vaccinated, even though there is plenty of data to prove the potency and efficacy of immunizing agents. The total number of fully vaccinated people in the country does not reach 60%.

this week, The United States has reached 700,000 victims of CovidBiden called for more Americans to be vaccinated. See the video below.

The United States achieves 700,000 deaths, and Biden reinforces the importance of vaccines

Biden calls for more commitment to vaccines

Last month, Biden ordered that all federal and government contract workers be vaccinated, and that private employers with 100 or more workers require their employees to be vaccinated by December 8, or tested weekly. This system includes 100 million people, about two-thirds of the country’s workforce.

Biden boosted demand during his visit to build a future Microsoft data center near Chicago.

Biden cited companies like United Airlines, which set October as the deadline to fully vaccinate its employees, as being the first airline in the country to make that decision. He also praised other companies such as Walt Disney, pharmacy chain Walgreens and Microsoft.