May 18, 2024

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The price of a basket of basic foodstuffs is increasing in 11 of the country's capitals, says Dies

The price of a basket of basic foodstuffs is increasing in 11 of the country’s capitals, says Dies

NS Basic Food Basket Value It continues to rise in Brazil, with 11 capitals rising, according to data from the Inter-Confederation Department of Statistics and Social and Economic Studies (Dieese). The rise comes compared to August, proving the increase in September.

The capitals that provided the highest index in the cost of the basic food basket were:

  • Brasilia with 3.88%;
  • Campo Grande in Mato Grosso do Sul with 3.53%;
  • São Paulo 3.53%;
  • Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais by 3.49%.

These figures also reveal that for the same month last year, the increase in the average price of a basic food basket occurred in all cities surveyed. This is the data that reflects the effects of inflation.

The highest price for a basic food basket, so far, is concentrated in the capital of São Paulo, with an average of 673.45 BRL. One of the villains in the cost of a basic food basket is an indispensable and very convenient ingredient: sugar. product was A significant increase Price in almost all capitals.

The largest product increases were in Belo Horizonte (11.96%) and Vitoria-ES (11%). One explanation for this increase is the old law of supply and demand. With less rain, sugarcane production decreased and supply decreased.

Another high-scoring product was coffee, which rose in 16 of the 17 cities surveyed. As the dollar rises, the price of coffee rises because it favors exports. The frost in July greatly favored the decline in coffee production in the country.

Two capitals showed a decrease in the value of the basic food basket, Joao Pessoa in Paraíba, which decreased by 2.91%, and Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, which decreased by 2.9%. Both compared to the previous month. Soybean oil also increased in many cities, and thus was another ingredient that helped price hike from the main basket.

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