May 25, 2024

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Bolsonaro says Petrobras has an "unreasonable profit" and says he is not satisfied with the fuel modification |  Policy

Bolsonaro says Petrobras has an “unreasonable profit” and says he is not satisfied with the fuel modification | Policy

On Thursday (10), Middle Oil price hike In the international market, reflecting war in ukrainea Petrobras announce Re-adjusted 18.8% for gasoline and 24.9% for diesel.

next day, Congress approved and punished Bolsonaro Project making changes to fuel taxes to try to mitigate price hikes.

Bolsonaro’s Penal Code Changes ICMS on Fuel

“Look, I have a laissez-faire policy. We are aware of legal obligations Petrobras And for me, in particular, it is absurdly profitable to Petrobras At an unusual time in the world. Bolsonaro told reporters after participating in an affiliation event for deputies in PLa party he has also belonged to since the end of last year (Read more below).

The president concluded: “So say I am satisfied with the amendment? I am not satisfied with the amendment, but I will not interfere in the market.”

last year, Petrobras recorded a record net income of R$106.6 billionthe value 1400.7% higher than 2020 (31.504 billion Brazilian riyals).

he won Petrobras In 2021 it was too The highest percentage recorded by publicly traded companies in BrazilAccording to a survey compiled by the Economica platform.

This profit from Petrobras It happened amid rising fuel prices in Brazil, due to the appreciation of the dollar against the real and the increase in the value of oil.

Understand in the video below how the pricing policy works Petrobras.

Understand how Petrobras' pricing policy works

Understand how Petrobras’ pricing policy works

Bolsonaro has already criticized the price parity policyBut he said he had no power to interfere in decisions Petrobras.

This Saturday, when asked again about the matter, Bolsonaro said that he respects the established pricing policy, and that in the end he depends on Petrobras. The president said, however, that the company could not only aim for profit.

“Price policy, you can study it there. There, at the beginning of the Temer government, they made the PPI on par with the international price. It’s something no one understands, right?” Petrobras You must submit a proposal. Now, you can’t Petrobras Working exclusively for profit in a world in crisis, right? “With high fuel prices here in Brazil,” Bolsonaro said.

“This pairing is good for the market, it’s good for shareholders, but bad for the Brazilian consumer,” he added.

Bolsonaro was asked by reporters if he could remove General Joaquim Silva e Luna from the presidency. Petrobras After the huge increase in fuel and the negative repercussions. And the president replied:

“Everyone has the possibility of exchange. Everyone. Except for the President and Vice President.”

When asked again if he would fire Silva and Luna from his position, Bolsonaro replied:

Bolsonaro also confirmed that there is a possibility that the government will send a bill to Congress next week to abolish PIS/Confins duties on gasoline.

“There is that possibility,” Bolsonaro said. “I have also talked to the central bank about how gasoline affects inflation, and how this price is so high in Brazil.”

On Thursday (11), Economy Minister Paolo Guedes announced, It was reported that the government may consider creating diesel subsidies If the war between Russia and Ukraine continues.

President Jair Bolsonaro He made these statements regarding fuel prices after attending an affiliation event at his party’s national headquarters PL.

According to the advice PLOn Saturday, 15 federal deputies joined the party:

  • Socines Cavalcante (RJ)
  • Colonel Chrysostomos (RO)
  • Corporal Junior Amaral (MG)
  • Marcio Labri (RJ)
  • Bebo Nunes (RS)
  • Carlos Jordan (RJ)
  • Luster Trotis (MS)
  • Sanderson (RS)
  • Daniel Freitas (SC)
  • Louise Lima (RJ)
  • Marcelo Alvaro Antonio (MG)
  • Delegate Eder Mauro (Pennsylvania)
  • Captain Alberto Neto (AM)
  • Louise Philippe de Orleans Braganca (RJ)
  • Nelson Barbudo (MT)

In addition to the President, Minister Flávia Arruda (Secretary of the Government), who also belongs to PLand Private Secretary for Culture, Mario Frias.

after the event, PL She announced to the press that she celebrated the launch of Jair Bolsonaro’s pre-candidacy for re-election on March 26. However, he reported that the event may be rescheduled due to the president’s agenda.

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