July 24, 2024

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Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Mengele’s friendship shaken

Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Mengele’s friendship shaken

Recently, Paris Fashion Week was held, which was attended by many celebrities, among them Bruna Marquezine NS Sasha Mingle. However, only friends together set a record, during the fashion show of designer Isabel Marant.

No wonder. Their friendship seems to be strained. According to Journal Extra, the distance was more noticeable after Sasha and Joao Figueiredo, in May.

Bruna Marquezin and Sasha Mengele are childhood friends and used to live together, but it seems that their friendship has really cooled down.

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trip to paris

Bruna Marquezine does not hide how excited she was with her trip to Paris, France. The actress became one of the greatest Brazilian details at City of Light Fashion Week, fascinating social networks by recording her on the special tour.

Recently, the brunette was in the front row of the Givenchy brand fashion show. fascinated Bruna commented on how she felt attending the event and spared no praise for the attraction.

“It was much more than a show; it was an immersive and sensory experience. The location, the soundtrack and the ambiance he created to present the set were very bold,” the artist shared.

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