June 21, 2024

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By BDR in Nubank will he have to declare income tax?

By BDR in Nubank will he have to declare income tax?

at the beginning of the month, nubank He announced the creation of the NuSócios software, at the same time as the IPO. according to financial technologyMillions of customers should receive an invitation to become partners in the company, free of charge, through BDR. However, one of the big questions for Nubank customers is whether they have to file income tax (IR). Below, find the answer.

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Distribution of 200 million Brazilian reais in BDRs

Nubank will allocate between R$180 million and R$225 million to purchase BDRs for customers. Briefly, They will be able to apply starting November 9 through the application. The BDRs in the NuSócios program must have a value of 1/6 of the US paper and will be tradeable 12 months after the IPO.

In short, the fintech will go public on the New York (Nyse) and Sao Paulo (B3) stock exchanges simultaneously. Moreover, Nubank expects to raise around R$16.8 billion, considering the average price for the indicative range specified for the notes. If that happens, it will be the biggest bid from a Latin American company in 2021.

By placing additional and supplementary shares, and given Class A shares, which will be sold, and Class B shares, which will not, Nubank could reach the market with a value of R$289.313 billion. This value is greater than Banks do Brasil: On NYSE, Itaú is worth $38.54 billion, and Bradesco, 30.44 billion US dollars.

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If all shares are placed, Nubank’s bid will raise R$22.801 billion, an estimate made by the fintech firm considering the exchange rate R$5.6123 and the average price range ranging from $10 to $11 per share. Of these, R$20.245 billion refers to the base offer, where resources go to can company. When considering the maximum price, the bid will move to R$23.886 billion.

By BDR in Nubank will he have to declare income tax?

No. In the income tax for 2022, going back to 2021, it is not necessary to declare income tax. This is because the BDR offered by Nubank can only be traded 12 months after the fintech goes on the exchange. In other words, after a year, the customer will be able to choose to keep the BDR record, or sell it, and redeem the asset. Thus, only when that happens will you have to file your income tax return.

However, if you choose to invest in Nubank in addition to the BDR that the bank will donate, i.e. if you choose to buy more BDRs directly from B3, you must advertise the investment. So, if you already have other investments, this will be just one more asset to advertise.

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Photo: Nobank website