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Discover 15 companies that should compete in the 5G auction |  Technique

Discover 15 companies that should compete in the 5G auction | Technique

The event will present the largest spectrum in history National Communications Agency (Anatel).

Four frequency bands will be offered in national and regional batches, namely: 700MHz; The 2.3 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 26 GHz bands act as “roads” in the air to transmit data. Through them the mobile Internet service will be provided.

Understand what 5G internet is and how it will change our lives

Last week, representatives of companies interested in participating in the auction They submitted their proposals to Anatel. However, mere presentation of the offer does not entitle companies to participate in the event.

Bidders may be disqualified under some circumstances, such as failure to deliver all necessary documents and required guarantees. Anatel will announce at the start of the auction if any candidate has been disqualified.

Of the 15 companies interested in participating in the auction, three are known to the public, namely: operators Claro, TIM and Telefônica (owner of the Vivo trademark).

The others are regional providers, infrastructure providers, hardware companies, and investment funds.

Oi will not participate in the auction, as it sold its mobile arm – Oi Móvel – as part of the company’s judicial redemption process.

Oi Móvel was purchased in December 2020 By an alliance formed by Claro, TIM and Telefônica, the sale is still under analysis by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade).

  • Neighbor Communications: Fixed, mobile and broadband Internet operator, operating in 16 states. The company also works with voice, data, cloud computing, network management, security, information technology, and video conferencing solutions;
  • Brazilian digital communications: Provider of telecommunication services through optical fiber cables. Provides network infrastructure to regional broadband providers;
  • Brisanet: Provider of fiber optic internet, pay TV, music streaming, fixed and mobile. The company serves more than 200 municipalities in the Northeast;
  • naturally: One of the leading mobile operators in the country. They offer broadband internet, pay TV, telephone service, data transmission, teleconferencing services, satellite solutions, value-added services (text messaging, emergency services, etc.);
  • Cloud2u (Greatek): engaged in electronics, optics and telecommunications, providing products for Internet reception, television reception and network infrastructure;
  • 5G Sul Consortium (Copel Telecom and Unifique): a Copel Telecom is a fiber-optic broadband operator operating in Paraná. Unifique, in turn, operates in the telecommunications market with Internet services, pay television, landlines, mobile phones, and a data center;
  • Flight link: Internet provider through optical fiber. operates in Uberlândia and the region (MG);
  • Meganet (5G initiative, a consortium of more than 400 small and medium-sized businesses): Regional fiber optic internet providers from different regions of the country, covering 2,000 municipalities in the country;
  • Neko Communications Services (Surf Telecom): mobile virtual network operator, which combines telecommunications products and financial services;
  • NK 108 Enterprises (Highline): Infrastructure provider for mobile operators, acquired in 2019 by Digital Bridge, an investment fund specializing in digital infrastructure;
  • Sercomtel: Fixed, mobile, data communications and broadband Internet operator operating in Londrina (PR);
  • Telephone (Direct): One of the largest operators in the country, it offers voice (fixed and mobile), mobile data, fixed broadband, ultra broadband, pay-TV, information technology and digital services (such as, for example, financial, cloud, entertainment and security);
  • Tim: One of the largest operators in the country, engaged in mobile and fixed, Internet access via modem, tablet, cellular, fixed ultra broadband, fixed voice and data services;
  • VDF Information Technology (Dator): Provides Internet of Things (Internet of Things) services. It belongs to the Datura group. And
  • Winnie II (home): Provider of telecommunications infrastructure for Patria Fund.
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Infographic shows the advantages of 5G over 4G. – Photo: Wagner Magalhães/Arte G1

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