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Does Caixa Tem Loan Really Work?

Does Caixa Tem Loan Really Work?

in September , can Advertise the program attributed to him Caixa Team, which will be available lend Between 300 and 1000 Brazilian Real. To serve more than 100 million users, Caixa is releasing an update lend According to the users birthday month. On the other hand, new users who want to access credit must have a calendar that is different from existing Caixa Tem customers. Therefore, many people wonder if the Caixa Tem loan actually works. So, check out all the details below.

Are cash loans also issued to passive people?

Learn about the three types of credit issued by Caixa

Balance up to R$1,000 in Caixa Tem is also released to passive people?

cash loan to him

The Caixa Tem loan rate will be 3.99% per month and gives the user up to 24 months to pay. According to the monetary and credit statistics report of the Central Bank, the average interest rate in the banking system is 1.45% per month. On the other hand, the interest on general personal credit is 2.42% per month.

The new Caixa Team loan line comes at a time when emergency aid is drawing to a close. Moreover, the government has not found a solution to support Auxílio Brasil, the new social program that should include the part of Brazilians who would be without emergency assistance.

The Caixa Tem credit can be contracted via mobile and is available to the 100 million people who have a social savings account opened by the foundation to pay for emergency aid. In addition, those who do not have an account in the application can also apply for a loan. For this, it is necessary to register in the application.

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Are you already working?

Yes, in order to access the loan, the user needs to update their Caixa Tem registration with some personal information. However, since the app serves more than 106 million users, the update will be released gradually.

Thus, the box should follow a calendar set up according to the month of the user’s birthday. Check below the most popular anniversaries and their release date:

  • May-June: 11/8;
  • July-August: 11/29;
  • September-October: 12/13;
  • November and December: 27/12.

On the other hand, new users of the Caixa Tem platform who want to apply for a loan must follow other dates. The calendar of this group of people is different, but also progresses according to the month of birth:

  • January, February, March, April, May and June: 11/8
  • July and August: 11/29
  • September and October: 12/13
  • November and December: 12/27

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