May 30, 2024

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Extra Santa Rosália closes activities but stores remain open

Extra Santa Rosália closes activities but stores remain open

The Hypermarket Extra Santa Rosalia closed its activities last Wednesday (12) in Sorocaba, but the food court and stores established in the institution continue to function normally. According to the shop owners, the place is currently undergoing a renovation affecting only part of the market. “The building allows for the isolation of the dining hall and the gallery, so the work will be carried out without disturbing the vast majority of the stores. They have already isolated this corridor next to the pharmacy, they put up a fence and all the shops are open in the dining hall,” says Glauco Bianchini, owner of a restaurant located in Extra.

The owner of the establishment also clarified that the store owners had not received an official document from Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA), which is responsible for managing the hypermarket, with details about the closure of the establishment, but that a company representative was on site and spoke individually with each owner. Unofficially, he received information that the Assaí should be installed in the unit. “Today we have not received any specific information about how long the work will take, but the forecast that we are working on is June,” confirms Bianchini.

Even after obtaining permission to carry out activities on site, shop owners remain in a state of anxiety, as many consumers are unaware that the food court and most of the showroom stores are operating. “We are barely out of the epidemic and this change is already having a negative impact on business, because the number of people inside has gone down a lot. Many people received the information that we were about to close. So we distributed flyers and put up a big banner in front of the hypermarket to attract the public’s attention” , the owner of the restaurant comments.

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A report from the newspaper Cruzeiro do Sul contacted Grupo Pão de Açúcar to confirm whether the Assaí would be installed at the site. The GPA press office reported that, as announced in October 2021, of the 103 stores in the chain, 70 commercial points had been sold to Assaí, and the other 33 units would be converted to other GPA formats or closed. Initially, the group informed that all hypermarket units will be closed by December 2021, but it is now estimated that the complete closure of the transaction from Extra Points to Assaí throughout Brazil, taking into account both the transfer of commercial points and the sale of real estate, before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Additional Campolim

Extra hypermarket unit installed in Kambolim finished its activities on December 15 last year. At that time, there were many customers to buy the few goods that were still on the shelves. The establishment was practically devoid of products, but some things could still be taken home.

Since the hypermarket announced the closure, many people have been waiting to see what will be opened at the venue of the facility. During informal conversations with clients, a resident of the area said she knew people working in the area and was informed of the possibility that Assaí, located at kilo 99 of the Raposo Tavares Highway (SP-270), could change location and take over the unit where today Extra is located. Already on social networks, many say that the Sugar Loaf mountain can be installed in place.

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At the time, Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) and Assaí told Cruzeiro do Sul newspaper that there were still stages of the agreement to be concluded, and therefore, the list of stores involved in the operation would be released as soon as this information was available on the market. “Until this is done, the company does not confirm the rumors and cannot provide more information about the destination of the stores,” Assay highlights.