June 23, 2024

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"Fear of losing you" · TV news

“Fear of losing you” · TV news

after the fallEliezer Netto and Vinicius Fernandez made peace in BBB 22. During the Friday (4) party, the two brothers danced together and exchanged declarations of love on the dance floor. Suppose Finney “I’m afraid to lose you.”

While Gloria Grove sang on stage at the party, Elle and Vinnie got so close that some netizens even considered the possibility of the two kissing.

“I admit I feel like Ellie wants [ficar com o Vyni] And he doesn’t know how to ask, “User Paiva guessed on Twitter.” Ellie really wants Vyni. Vyni is waiting for him to take the initiative to kiss Eslô [Eslovênia Marques] On the way, finally, the teen kissing tensed up behind the school,” commented another microblog user identified as Pia.

Inside the house, the two allies exchanged declarations of love. “I was afraid of disturbing his relationship with others,” a citizen of Ciara commented. “Do you think anyone here is more than that [importante] From you? ‘ asked the businessman.

Finney then posited, “Do you know why I’m walking away? I’m afraid of losing you.” Ellie replied, “I’m also afraid of losing you.” “You don’t have to go away, you have to come together and remember what everyone came here for,” said Slovenia.

“Our relationship is the purest that has happened here,” Eliezer stated before adopting the game’s ally.

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