June 24, 2024

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C6 Tag

Within two years, C6 Tag captured 13% of the fee payment market

In August 2019, . was released financial technology C6 . Bank It opened its operations and brought among its services C6 Tag, which already owns 13% of the fee payment market.

Until then, the automatic payment system was dominated by one company, which operates only with a credit card. creditPlus, there is a usage fee.

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C6 Tag came to innovate the toll and parking payments market, where previously only those with a credit card had access to the card. However, now with C6 Tag, in addition to being a free service, the amount can be debited from the checking account.

For user convenience, the C6 Tag, in just two years, is already on par with the second place in the segment, which also includes 13% of users.

C6 motorway sign

In September 2021, another feature was included in the C6 Tag: the user has the option to pay R$5.00 per month and get coverage on toll roads.

In the event of accidents, the customer has access to a towing truck available 24 hours a day, and a free taxi to complete the journey up to 400 km from the accident site, and may have a place to stay, depending on the situation.

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In addition, the insured also enjoys coverage of up to 5,000 BRL for damages to third-party and owned vehicles.

What is the C6 mark?

C6 Tag is a sticker affixed to a car window that signals the vehicle to go straight through automatic tolls and parking fees. The amount is debited from the C6 bank account.

How do you get a C6 card?

  1. First, the application must be downloaded from C6 . Bank;
  2. Open a free account at C6 Bank;
  3. Dial the C6 mark;
  4. receive the label at home;
  5. unlock by app;
  6. Finally, you have to stick the sticker on the front window of the car.

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Photo: C6 Bank’s website