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The worker can now confirm whether he is entitled to the PIS / Pasep Allowance

The worker can now confirm whether he is entitled to the PIS / Pasep Allowance

Workers can now refer to the digital labor card or the gov.br portal to see if they are entitled to Salary Pass PIS / Pasep. About 22 million Brazilians will receive the benefit as of February 8 this year, with a total value of more than 20 billion Brazilian reals, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Consultation service is now available through the link https://www.gov.br/pt-br/servicos/sacar-o-abono-salarialTo confirm the entitlement of the allowance, the amount, the date of payment and the bank for receipt. In addition, the Department of Work and Pensions channel 158 is available for demonstration, as well as direct service in the regional units of the portfolio.

In order to access the salary allowance information in the digital labor card, it will be necessary for the worker to update the application, and then access the “Benefits” and “Salary Allowance” tabs, to check the amount, day and bank of his. the receipt.

Who has the right?

To be eligible for the benefit, you must have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years, have worked formally (with a formal contract) for at least 30 days in 2020 and receive up to a minimum wage (RMB 2,424). It is also essential that the data is properly reported by the employer in the Rais (Annual Social Information Report) or in eSocial, depending on the company category.

Private sector workers, registered with PIS, will receive this year’s salary bonus from February 8 to March 31, through Caixa. For civil, military and state employees registered in Pasep, payment is made from February 15 to March 24, by Banco do Brasil.

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Those who live in municipalities in an emergency situation due to rainfall will receive the payment on the eighth day, regardless of their date of birth.

Check out the payment dates below.


Born in January – February 8
Born in February – 10 February
Born in March – 15 February
Born in April – 17 February
Born in May – 22 February
Born in June – 24 February
Born in July – 15 March
Born in August – 17 March
Born in September – 22 March
Born October – 24 March
Born in November – 29 March
Born in December – 31 March


Application deadlines 0 and 1 – 15 February
Application deadlines 2 and 3 – 17 February
Application deadline 4 – 22 February
Registration deadline is February 5-24
The deadline for registration is from 6 to 15 March
Registration deadline is March 7-17
Registration deadline is March 8-22
The deadline for registration is from 9 to 24 March


The amount of the allowance is proportional to the period during which the employee worked under an official contract in 2020. Each work month is equivalent to a benefit of R$101, with periods equal to or greater than 15 days counted as a full month. Those who worked for 12 months under a formal contract would receive a total minimum wage of R$1,212.

From February, private sector workers will also be able to check their benefit status and payment history in the Caixa Trabalhador and Caixa Tem apps.

In the case of Pasep-related workers, the balance inquiry is on the Consult Your Pasep page. There is also the option to contact the Banco do Brasil Service Center (4004-0001, Capitals and Urban Areas, or 0800729 0001, ext.).

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