May 30, 2024

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Global stocks continued to decline on Thursday with concerns in China

Global stock exchanges are signaling a day of caution this Thursday, 21, with the market weighing the good results of US-issued companies, and the risk of an increase in inflation And the problems in the real estate sector in China.

On the Asian continent, markets closed in a mixed fashion. The problems with Evergrande Group deepen further as the company announced it was unable to close the sale of 50.1% of its Evergrande Property Services unit, which could generate about $2.6 billion to help avoid default.

Other developers are also showing difficulties, but are showing signs of recovery after regulators say real estate risks remain under control.

Meanwhile, European stocks and US futures are trading lower, as investors are concerned about China’s real estate difficulties and corporate results, which could moderate the day’s darkest tone.

Another point of interest is the increase in restrictions in some countries. Russia has ramped up mobility measures in urban areas to contain an increase in new infections.

In the offshore scenario, investors should follow the definitions of the infrastructure investment package in the US Congress. On the US economic docket, the main highlights are the unemployment claims and used home sales data.

Regarding commodities, the price of a barrel of oil fell on Thursday, accompanied by the price of iron ore, which fell sharply after pressure from China. For this reason, shares of Vale (VALE3) and steel makers may attract attention in today’s trading session.

In Brazil, interest in Auxilio Brasil continues – the question who does not want to remain silent is where the help of at least R$400 per month came from. Yesterday, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes acknowledged the need for a “license to spend” R$30 billion outside the spending cap, a factor that ended up pissing off investors.

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Today, the price of EWZ, which represents the Brazilian stock market abroad, has fallen sharply.

Even today, investors must follow the Proposal to Amend the Constitution (PEC) to court orders. The Special Committee of the Presidential Election Commission has again postponed the analysis and vote on the opinion of Representative Hugo Motta (Republicans-PB). The meeting, which was supposed to take place yesterday, has been postponed to today’s day at 2:30 PM.