June 12, 2024

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Pioneers consider a strike if negotiations with airlines do not progress on a collective agreement |  comp

Pioneers consider a strike if negotiations with airlines do not progress on a collective agreement | comp

NS National Aeronautics Association (SNA) informed on Wednesday (20) that it will hold a meeting on the 25th of the class to decide on starting the “strike procedure”, if the new collective bargaining agreement (CCT) is not closed until 20 November. The signal came before the dead end with National Association of Airlines (Snea) About changes in the CCT of ordinary aviation – which regulates the activity of pilots and flight attendants.

According to SNA, in a statement, the employer had adopted a position the category deemed reckless by denying, at a meeting on Wednesday (19), the maintenance of existing provisions of the CCT. The airline association will continue to fight for the flexibility of many of the terms of the agreement.

in your suggestion, Snea wants to review some category rights, such as increasing the working day from 12 to 13 hours and reducing the number of monthly vacation days from 10 to 9. The navigators requested an adjustment in view of INPC For the past 24 months, but the topic hasn’t been explored by Snea in her proposal – last year the category abandoned the edit due to the crisis it caused. pandemic.

According to SNA, the airline consortium will fight for the flexibility of several terms of the agreement – Photo: Michele Filo/Agência O Globo

Ondino Explain that before repair workWhen the labor agreement expires, the clauses are in effect until a new agreement is formalized. He said, “The reform led to a decline in that.”

The collective instrument of a labor nature applies to all companies Air transport No Brazil and for everyone Aviation pioneers. It has been negotiated for more than 45 years between the two unions and has about 60 clauses dealing with the specifics of this type of work.

Dotra He explained that the vote on the 25th is not a strike, but a directive that authorizes the union to initiate a strike, if negotiations are not completed by November 20.