May 25, 2024

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"Help me dad" · TV news

“Help me dad” · TV news

Leonidas (Eriberto Liao) will have to confront a ghost from the past to get Matias (Antonio Caloni) out of asylum in… behind the illusion. The weaver will swallow his pride when he requests a favor from Bartolomeo Lobato (Paolo Carvalho), the famous psychiatrist who will take charge of the asylum. “Help Me Daddy,” will shoot the Globo caregiver at six in the morning.

Lyra (Maria Manuela) will be the first to realize that the worker is hiding behind a series of lies. When reading the hand of a hallucinogen (paloma duarte)the gypsy will warn her of someone who has crossed her path and who keeps countless secrets.

“You will be able to get rid of this terrible guilt that you carry in your chest and find your daughter again. The one who will help you in this search is a very noble man. A man who does not seem to be him ”, says Misha’s wife (Lukas Oradovshi).

The words of the puzzle will resonate until the next scene, Which will be shown on Saturday (26).The audience will see the character Eriberto Leão Meet an older man, very elegantly dressed, and a very beautiful girl in her thirties.

Bartolomeo will say, “Leonidas? Since when. Sit with us. Shall I have a snack?” “I want nothing. How are you, Anastasia? [Dani Moreno]? ‘ says Matthias’ friend, looking away at the young man.

a the news He had access to texts that made it clear that the worker did not at least feel comfortable looking for a health professional. He will even be reticent to hug you – as if a previous quarrel broke up between them.

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Leonidas concludes, “I only came because I need a favor and you are the only one who can help me. Out of respect for everything that has happened, will you help me get a friend out of the sanatorium, Dad?”.

The second stage of the Alessandra Poggi competition was held in the 1940s in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. Check out the summaries of the TV series at 6 o’clock from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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