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How to access your loan income report

When we talk about income tax, we know that a lot of information leaves people confused. So if you have hired a lend In the nubankThen, you need to know everything that is important about your income report, so as not to go wrong when declaring an IRPF. In case loans From 5 thousand Brazilian riyals, for example, these values ​​​​must be reported in the annual declaration. So, to find out how to do it, check it out below!

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Nubank Loan: How to Access and Report Your Income Tax 2022

Thus, anyone who took out a loan in 2021 with Nubank in amounts greater than or equal to 5 thousand Brazilian real must declare this obligation in the income tax for 2022. On the other hand, if the loan is less than this amount, it is not necessary to fill out the form.

Therefore, for those who are customers financial technology, Nubank has sent the loan report to the email registered in each one’s account until February 25th. In short, a loan report is a document that shows information about the loan debts that a person has with a financial institution. And when we talk about income tax, it is indispensable.

Finally, loans under Nubank’s IRPF 2022 are announced in the “Real Debts and Liabilities” section. In the IRPF Federal Revenue Program, go to the “Real Debts and Liabilities” tab. Click on “New”, and under “Debt Data” choose the icon “11 – Commercial Banking Institution”. Finally, in the Discrimination field, fill in the name and CNPJ of the financial institution that granted the loan and the loan amount.

Still in the Highlight field, you can enter the amounts of loan installments that you have already paid. In the field “Amount paid in 2021 (Brazil Real)” the total debt paid in 2021 must be entered. In the field “Position at 12/31/2021 (R $)” only the balance due – that is, the amount that has not It is paid after. Exit by clicking OK.

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