June 22, 2024

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Lamy will have a new billing cap in 2022

Lamy will have a new billing cap in 2022

The MEI (Individual Small Entrepreneur) will be able to earn over R$81,000 as of 2022. At least that is what guarantees a project analyzed by the government. The proposal expects to increase MEI revenue to R$130,000 annually.

Changes in 2022

For people who work at MEI, there will be rule changes from next year, so it’s essential to be aware of what’s going to happen.

Self-employed professionals who have registered as Sole Proprietorship Entrepreneurs (MEI) need to know the text under analysis in the House of Representatives, which changes the annual turnover from R$81,000 to R$130 as of 2022.

According to the government, there are currently over 11.2 million active CNPJs. There is certainly a desire to increase this number, therefore, increasing sales to R$ 130 thousand per year will encourage other people to formalize with MEI.

The value proposition represents at least 55% of the income in brands already associated with the MEI name.

Advantages of being a MEI

CNPJ, assignment of license and authorization for its activities;

You can sell to the government;

You will have access to banking products and services such as credit;

Low monthly cost of taxes (INSS, ISS, ICMS) in fixed amounts;

You will be able to issue an invoice;

Social Security rights and benefits: retirement by age; retirement before; contraindicated Paid sick leave, maternity salary, death pension (for the family);

Access to SEBRAE technical support.

Another advantage: the tax payable (DAS) does not change its value every month, that is, it is the same during the 12 months, as it is updated each time the minimum wage is adjusted.

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But in order to access the benefits, it is necessary to keep up with the monthly contribution (DAS).