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“Mud carry” · TV news

“Mud carry” · TV news

Tiberius (Guito) will push his passion to the limit by demanding that he take it seedlings (Bella Campos) home to wet land. will catch the farmer hollow (Jesuit Barbosa) in taper Friday (Alanis Guillen) after a boy is bitten by a snake, but the jaguar girl will order him to keep the patient’s whereabouts secret. The pawn will attempt to negotiate with the young woman and make an unseemly offer to trade José Leoncio’s son (Marcos Palmera) for the intruder at the 9 AM Globo Opera.

The aspiring photographer will disappear Backstage, which will be broadcast on Wednesday (20).. He will go to the forest and be bitten by a snake. Fortunately, Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado) will see the tragedy and save his grandson’s life. It will turn into an anaconda He will carry the young man to the heiress of Maria Marois (Juliana Pais).

In the human form, the entity He will ask the girl to help him take care of Madeleine’s son (Karen Tellis). After all, a few years ago, the swamp guard saved Maria from the same tragedy. Despite her displeasure, the young woman will provide shelter for the two and prepare the herbs needed to cure the rich man.

He will survive, but will experience fluctuations in his consciousness for a few days. So it wouldn’t be safe for him to go back to his father’s farm right away. Before leaving, Velho do Rio will ask Juma to stay with the boy until he stops delirious.

At this point, the people of the area would be desperate in search of a nephew sister (Camila Morgado). After days without any news, Geoff is presumed dead. However, Tiberius would not abandon the search for the “Little Chief”. He went to Maroua’s tapestry, and to his astonishment, he found the boy lying on the girl’s bed.

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The pawn will say in shock: “Oh my God! It’s.. it’s alive.” The immediate reaction would be to tell the shepherd that his son is fine. But when he turns around to go back to the big house, he will encounter Tiberius and Goma with his rifle already. “you You won’t tell anyone anything,” says a character Alanis Jilin.

Accompanied by Moda, he threatens Gomaa Tiberias

daughter of generation He (Enrique Diaz) will have promised Velho do Rio that everything that happened will be a secret and he will remain true to what he said. Therefore, she will not be influenced by the arguments of the director, who will implore her to be more rational. “you I think it’s fair Jose Leoncio Keep thinking his son died? ‘ will be discussed.

But the foreman will give up defending the greatness of the biome when he realizes he can gain something from it. He will decide to use the information as a bargaining chip for something that interests him. After that, the musician will give in to the farmer’s request, but will make an unreasonable offer. “I wanted to take a mod with me“, he claims.

The TV series Pantanal was broadcast in 1990 by Manchete (1983-1999) which now ceases to exist. The Globo edition has been modified by Bruno Luperi, grandson of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, who created the story. Read the Summaries of upcoming chapters From the novel Pantanal.

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