September 22, 2023

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LuizaLabs, in Franca: The complex focuses on the group’s IT and telemarketing sectors

Magazine Luiza took first place in the ranking of the best companies to work in Brazil in 2021. The result was announced in a virtual party promoted by the magazine work season e GPTW (Good place to work), which was held last Monday night, 18.

The Franca chain of stores was a leader among companies with more than 10 thousand employees. Louisa magazine has 27,772 employees. Itaú Unibanco (88,079) and Vivo (31,814) complete the podium.

The company has been present in the ranking since the second year of the award in 1988. In the last edition, which was held in 2020, Luiza magazine ended up in second place. “It is a recognition of our belief that people are the most important assets of the company, and of our culture, based on people who love people,” stresses Federico Trajano, CEO of Magalu.

The GPTW Institute awarded 150 companies in four categories: ten corporate giants (with 10,000 or more employees); 70 large companies (between 1000 and 9999 employees) and 70 medium companies (100 to 999 employees) – this is divided into national and multinational companies. The Magalu Consortium, which belongs to Magazine Luiza Group, was ranked second in the category of national medium-sized organizations.

The GPTW national ranking is based on questionnaires answered anonymously by employees of participating companies. The institute has evaluated more than 4,000 national and multinational companies operating in the country.

“It is not one business or another, but the whole business. When we choose people who fit in with our culture, we respect them and challenge and appreciate their efforts, they feel fulfilled and achieve a better outcome,” says Patricia Bogas, executive director of people management at Magalu.

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Check out the top three places in each category:

giant companies
First magazine Louisa: 27,772 employees
Itai Onibanku II: 88,079 employees
Third broadcast: 31,814 employees

big companies
First Caterpillar: 4,314 employees
Tokio Marine Insurance Company II: 2,115 employees
SAP Labs 3rd company in Latin America: 1,442 employees

Medium multinational corporations
First Microsoft Informática Ltda: 863 employees
Second visa: 392 employees
Third Hilton: 362 employees

Medium National Enterprises
First place: 780 employees
Second Magalu Consortium: 249 employees
3rd Supera Farma Laboratórios SA: 750 employees

To reach the full ranking click here.