June 23, 2024

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TJ-SC suspends teacher's right not to vaccinate against Covid-19 in Gaspar

TJ-SC suspends teacher’s right not to vaccinate against Covid-19 in Gaspar

The Santa Catarina Court of Justice accepted the prosecutor’s appeal and suspended the injunction that allowed Gaspar’s teacher to teach without immunizing him against the coronavirus.

The decision contrasted with the state government and the Gaspar municipality, which had issued decrees mandating a “passport of vaccination” for public servants. It operates in two schools in the municipal network.

As arguments, she would say she already had the antibodies, as she contracted Covid-19 and recovered. She also claimed that the vaccine posed a risk to her health because it was “experimental”.

Judge Sibel Mendes Beltrame, of Gaspar II Civil Court, I agree with the educator Most notable are publications in scientific journals that people who have already had the disease can build up antibodies.

While the case for the civil court was seen as a respect for the teacher’s individual liberty, the MP-SC recognized that this would place her school above “the collective protection inherent in the right to life, which shall not be accepted”.

The document signed by Judge Denis de Souza Louise Frankowski was published last Friday, 24. Until the final decision of the Court of Justice, the injunction is still pending.

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