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Program Errors Announcement

Program Errors Announcement

Technical problems in programs that help to fill an advertisement Income tax 2022 could hurt taxpayers, especially those who have to pay taxes. A flaw does not allow a Darf (Tax Collection Document) to be generated with an expiration date of May 31. The document was printed for payment only on April 29th. The IRS extended the due date at the beginning of this month.

After alert report UOLThe IRS has promised to fix the bug later this week, with the release of version 1.4 of the IRPF 2022 and GCAP 2021 programs. But that’s not the only problem. See below what are the errors and what you need to do to avoid difficulties when filling out the declaration. To solve a problem, you will need to install the IRPF 2022 software again.

GCAP 2021 Darf may generate wrong date

The tax due date has been changed with the delivery date of the IR 2022 declaration, which was extended earlier this month through Federal Revenue, from April 29 to May 31.

However, the reader UOL Reported that he was unable to create a Darf (Tax Collection Document) with the correct date in GCAP 2021 to pay Inheritance property tax At the end of bequest process.

After consulting the report, Federal Revenue confirmed the issue and promised to correct the flaw later this week, with the release of GCAP 2021 version 1.4.

Those who have already installed the software on their computer do not need to download it again from the Revenue website. The taxpayer waits for an automatic update the next time the program is opened. Your computer must be connected to the Internet to perform the update.

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You can also update manually. With the program open, access the Tools menu at the top of the screen. Select the “Check for updates” item. If there is an update, it will follow.

The version of GCAP 2021 that is installed on your computer can be identified at the top of the screen, next to the name of the program.

Photo: reproduction

If you have tax payable and created a Darf on April 29th, but haven’t made the payment yet, you can wait for the software update and print a new Darf due on May 31st, without penalty.

IRPF 2022 version 1.0 does not update automatically

a report UOL He noted that the first version of the 2022 income tax return program, which was made available to the public on March 7, is not accepting updates.

The IRS regularly updates the software to correct errors and change information, such as the date of registration and the expiration date of the DARF. Therefore, a software update is important and must be done.

The problem only occurs in version “1.0”. Versions “1.1”, “1.2” and “1.3” are updated automatically, and the version of the software installed on your computer can be recognized in the upper right corner of the screen.

When trying to update “version 1.0” manually, when the option is activated in the “Tools” menu, available at the top of the program screen, an Internet connection error message appears.

IR22 Error - On - On
Photo: reproduction

After several tests, the report found that there is no connection problem. wanted by UOLThe IRS confirmed that the update issue occurs exclusively with version “1.0”.

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If the version of IRPF 2022 installed on your computer is “1.0”, the solution is more complicated. According to the IRS, it is necessary to download the ad bottling software again.

Do not delete the software installed on your computer so as not to lose the saved information. Follow the instructions below.

Click here to access the revenue site And select the IRPF 2022 program according to your computer operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux or Multiplatform).

The program will ask you if you want to install it on your computer. Click Yes.

Then the message will appear: “IRPF 2022 was found in the folder indicated for installation. Do you want to keep the data?” Click Yes.

Download IR22 - On - On
Photo: reproduction

This way, if you have already started serving the ad, you will not lose the information you filled in. On the next screen, click Next to complete the installation.

The version available on the website on Tuesday (19) was “1.3”. The IRS has reported that the new version, “1.4”, will be released later this week.

After performing the above actions, the update to version “1.4” should be automatic. It is sufficient for the computer to be connected to the Internet when opening the IRPF 2022 program.

Revenue and unions have already warned that the program could fail

The Federal Revenue Authority itself and the Syndicate of Tax Auditors (Sindifisco Nacional) had already warned, at the end of February, that Program failure can occur due to budget cuts institution by the government.

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The program was released to the public only on March 7, with after a weekBecause of budgetary and standard operating difficulties for Internal Revenue Service auditors.