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Recovery query is released

Recovery query is released

Taxpayers with legal priority receive the first payment

  • The income tax payment schedule begins next week;

  • The fifth installment of refunds will only be received in September of this year;

  • The main novelty is that the refund will also be paid via Pix.

Query to Pay the first refund payment from income tax 2022 It was released this Tuesday (24) by Federal Revenue. In total, the first payment will be paid to 3.38 million taxpayers and 6.3 billion Brazilian reals and will be deposited next Tuesday (31).

The amount will be allocated to taxpayers with statutory priority, with 226,934 senior taxpayers over 80 years old, 2,305,412 taxpayers ages 60 to 79, and 149,016 taxpayers aged 60 to 79. Taxpayers with a physical or mental disability or serious illness, and 702,607 taxpayers whose main source of income is the education authority.

like last year, The first batch of infrared In 2022 the last day of the income tax deadline, which has been extended to May 31 due to the pandemic.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, 25.09 million income tax returns for 2021 had been received by 11 a.m. Monday (23), out of a total of 34.1 million expected filings.

Who gets the down payment?

Recepion to reply In the first batch, people with legal priority: elderly taxpayers over the age of 60, taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness, and people whose main source of income is teaching. After priorities, refunds are made according to the date the advertisement was sent. The sooner the delivery, the faster the taxpayer can receive it.

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The 2022 income tax refund calendar provides for payment in five installments, from May to September. The second installment will be paid on June 30th; The third on July 29. The fourth on August 31 and the last on September 30.


To find out if there is a refund of the amount of income tax owed, taxpayers can access the e-CAC portal, go to the Virtual Federal Taxpayer Assistance Center. On this page you will need to enter your CPF number, access code and password or access the information registered in gov.br.

Soon, it is necessary to access the “My Income Tax” menu, and you will be directed to a new screen. Now, locate the ‘Processing’ function and click ‘Processing Statement’, select 2022 for consultation.

Check the recovery schedule

  • First Batch: May 31, 2022

  • Second Batch: 30 June 2022

  • Third Batch: 29 July 2022

  • Fourth Batch: August 31, 2022

  • Fifth Batch: 30 September 2022