May 30, 2024

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The new Chevrolet Montana will support the update of the remote dialing software

The new Chevrolet Montana will support the update of the remote dialing software

General Motors (GM), which controls Chevrolet, has announced that the future Montana pickup will come equipped with the system that updates the central communication software. Multimedia for The car is completely remote.

In this way, it is possible to receive remote updates of the software inherent in the truck’s electronic architecture and the native applications of the multimedia center, which has the concept of being an extension of the Montana dashboard.

The automaker also highlighted that it works tirelessly in labs and track tests at GM Proving Grounds to ensure the new Montana delivers all the durability, safety and technology its designers envisioned.

The pickup truck comes to fight with the Fiat Toro, which completely dominates in this segment, and will be the next member of the new global Chevrolet family of cars, already made up of current generations of Onix, Onix Plus and Tracker.

According to Chevrolet, New Montana arrives in the national market in 2023 Promising to surprise with design, mechanical package and good interior space while the wheel loader should bring in technologies that offer greater versatility.

The final phase of Montana development is taking place at Cruz Alta Proving Grounds (CPCA) of GM, located in Indaiatuba (SP). The structure contains 17 different types of tracks and occupies an area equivalent to 1,360 football fields.

“We have exceeded the 6 million kilometers driven annually out of more than a thousand tests performed at GM Proving Grounds. With this, it is possible in six months to simulate the wear a vehicle would have if it ran for 15 years under normal traffic conditions. – or the equivalent of 240 thousand kilometers, ”explained by the director of the CPCA, Leandro Couto.

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