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Summary of the chapters for the week of May 2-7 · TV news

Summary of the chapters for the week of May 2-7 · TV news

Monday 5/2 (Chapter 31)
Goff manages to convince Juma to let him come to her house. Madeline decides to keep Zakuyo in the mansion. Jumaa talks about Joff to Moda. Zaquieu helps Madeleine with her new life.

Gotha is jealous of Juma and argues with Joff. Niara quit her job to work with Madeleine. Tadeu sees Goeta crying and blames Gauff. Goff compares Jose Leoncio to Vilo do Rio. Gotta gives Tenório an ultimatum.

Tuesday, 3/5 (Chapter 32)
Gotta is surprised by Tenório. Tadeu satisfies Jove. Jose Leoncio Goff asks about his interest in Juma. Zaquieu is excited to start working with Madeleine on social media. Tiberius tries to get close to Moda. Joff and Juma come close.

José Leôncio complains about his son about Madeleine, and Filó tries to reassure his partner. Zakio hears an argument between Irma and Madeleine about it and is heartbroken. Tiberius is surprised by Juma’s calmness towards Jof. Jose Leoncio decided to have a serious conversation with his son.

Wednesday, 4/5 (Chapter 33)
José Leôncio Jove is sent to Rio de Janeiro, and Filó attempts to reverse the situation. Geoff sneaks away from the farm. Gutta is interested in how Tenorio thinks of doing business in the Pantanal. Joff asks to stay in Tftira Juma.

Filó warns about Jove’s disappearance, but José Leôncio does not pay attention. Juma’a protects Jawf from the tiger’s roaming tiger. Zakuyo arranges a date for Irma. Juma tells José Leoncio that Goff left with Velho do Rio. Irma decides to meet Gustavo. José Leôncio orders the infantry to find Velho do Rio. Madeleine holds Irma at Gustavo’s house.

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Thursday, 5/5 (Chapter 34)
Goff decides to teach Friday to read. Madeleine is jealous of Irma with Gustavo. Jose Leoncio is worried about his son’s disappearance. Juma was saddened when Goff said he was leaving the Pantanal. Jutta suffers from Joff’s absence. Discover Tibério Jove in Juma’s Tapera and tell José Leôncio.

Irma warns Nyara about her devotion to Madeleine. Tadu tells Guetta that Goff lives with Juma. He interrogates the old man from Rio Goff about his engagement with Juma. Jose Loncio says he will bring Jove and Juma to the farm.

Friday, 5/6 (Chapter 35)
Gustavo talks to Nayara about Madeleine. Juma announced himself to Jove. José Leôncio confronts Jove, and Jomaa defends himself. Guta slams Jose Leoncio, Philo is uncomfortable. Tiberius persuades Goff to bid farewell to Juma and return to the farm.

Tenorio argues with Gotta. Maria loves the compliments she gets from Alcides. Goff fights with Jose Leoncio. Moda thinks of getting his revenge. Goff takes Friday with him to Rio de Janeiro. Jose Leoncio despaired when he learned that Juma had left with Joffe.

Saturday 5/7 (Chapter 36)
Ari explains to Jose Loncio that Tado took the couple to Rio de Janeiro. Fri afraid of the city. A jaguar surrounds a tapira, and Moda is terrified. Madeleine is not satisfied with Juma’s attendance. Tiberius is worried about Moda. Irma tries to talk to Juma.

Muda accidentally shoots Velho do Rio. Mariana and Irma try to convince Madeleine not to talk to Juma. Tibério takes Muda to José Leôncio’s farm and is surprised when she speaks. Joffe takes Juma to get his documents. An old man from Rio receives help. Mariana despairs when Goff reveals that he has given up his inheritance.

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